Have You Seen the 787?

Which airline?

The 787 flys to CTG? Thats cool, i havent seen one there yet.

No, I said it was diverted from CTG…Avianca flies to Panama from Bogotá in the Airbus A320/19.

Ah ok yea cause i’ve done those flights before, misunderstanding oups

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Been on it, Norwegian

Thank you all for sharing, I can’t reply to all of you this blew up while I was gone!

Air Canada

The 800 or 900-which route?

YYZ-YVR 787-9 it was delayed so we arrived at night

Oh ok cool, I did that route on the 787-8

Cool. How was it

Good, really smooth and comfortable. U from yyz(no need to answer that question if you dont want to)

No was going back home to YVR

Favourite city and airport in Canada

There’s a planned expansion for YVR

I’ve flown in one!

The first time I saw one was at DEN in 2012 when United was doing test runs. I saw the JAL one that was grounded at BOS sitting on the apron. I have seen others, like Qatar, Air India etc. at Heathrow before. Just last week I was at LAX and saw an American 788, and then a Norwegian 789. I have seen the daily 788 depart from DEN to NRT on United may times. What a pretty aircraft! I can’t wait to see an A350!

We’ve got quite a few at JFK 😉

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Norwegian, that’s for sure!

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Yep, I’ve seen it.

Though I really want to see the A350.