Have You Seen the 787?

I’ve only seen one 787 in my life, and it was only for a couple seconds, because I was on the AirTrain at JFK when I saw it. The ANA 787 is really a beauty.

I have seen the 787, I have tons flying into Toronto Pearson (Air Canada, BA, Hanian…), In fact I’ve been on it thrice.

I live in downtown Fort Lauderdale and yes, the Norwegian air shuttle 787-800 flies into FLL around 6pm every night

I’ve flown in the 787-8(Air Canada) and the 787-9(united-worst flight of my life). I have videos of the air canada flight interior and take off. Reply to this if you want me to upload them. If not thats cool lol

I’ve been on a Jetstar (Bali-Brisbane) and Qatar Airways (Phuket-Doha). Both were really nice.

I see 787’s everyday (I can even see one right now as I’m looking through my window) Air Canada has plenty of them so it’s boring now. I wish to see A350 one day.

Where are you?

Toronto and I leave close to Pearson Airport so there are planes flying by house like every two to three minutes.

I saw an Ethiopian one at Zanzibar airport. Its giant compared to the Cessna’s

Lol yea, i actually was just at pearson 2weeks ago.

Wow!! How was the airport like compared to others? (I know it’s not the best)

Oh, well I fly into YYZ often and I love it. Very simple to get through and clean. The domestic area is super easy cause its like a big L shape almost with the Thai Express near the end so thats awesome lool (love thai express).

Yay I’m happy you like it! Did you fly with Air Canada? How was it like?

It is one of my favourite for the size of it. I love Vancouver airport though lol and YUL is okaaaaay but not my fav by far except really really easy customs and immigrations.

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Good, the flight two weeks ago was just to YOW but I’ve flown lots of places from it.

I had free wifi on the flight.

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I was on one

Nice, I’m very glad.

Once I saw an Avianca 787 in Tocumen that was diverted from Cartagena. I didn’t knew what happened to the flight since no one reported any issues regarding to it, the plane landed at the airport and hours later took off back to Colombia.

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Whenever I’m driving past YSSY I always catch an eye on a ANA 787 (Basically the first one I always see) and a Jetstar 787.

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