Have You Seen the 787?

I thought it would be pretty interesting to see if anyone has seen the 787. [poll public=true]

  • Yes, I have seen it
  • No, I haven’t

You can also comment on which other aircraft you want to see one day.

I could take a pic.It should be one coming into KFLL soon


Ive already seen pics of it, but that would be cool if you could.

I see what I can do.Its a chance that it would be too late

I saw a Qatar 787-8 in Munich.

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Sadly I haven’t. I missed it by 15 minutes once.

The Jetstar 787-8 in Coolangatta and a scoot 789 landing in the same day.

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Caught at JFK.


nice catch!

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Ethiopian airline 787-8 in Stockholm ARLANDA airport I was in the airport waiting for the flight of my sisi


I went to the airport one day and I was like “I have to see a 787 today!” First aircraft I saw was a 787 then I also saw two others 😂


Went on one on Wednesday. Best aircraft ever hands down.

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Qatar B787-8 at Heathrow


Air India 😷

Flew BA 787-9 to SEOUL

Also my profile pick is the first BA 787

LOT 787. Kind of sad that I was unable to get a picture.

I’ve seen tons of United ones at IAH.

I’ve seen a lot of 787s, most Virgin Atantic and Norwegian.