¿Have you need to reject the takeoff?

It’s highly unlikely that we wouldn’t see the aircraft crossing. Yes, some people may cross without permission if that’s what they did in the training server, but rest assured that you won’t be penalized. The aircraft crossing will be ghosted if you were given takeoff clearance and are rolling.

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I’ve had incidents on the expert server where I was cleared for takeoff and the aircraft was about 3 miles out and I was a A380 and as the PIC I felt I didn’t have enough room to depart safely so instead of rejecting the takeoff I replied with standby and waited for the aircraft to land and thankfully I was not ghosted or reported but then again I was still behind the hold bar

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I think that post can will a post with incidents or stories with the rejected takeoff?

@Ulises25. MaxSez: Your actions where correct. Never forget the PIC is the “Decision Maker”!
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Once I set VS autopilot to 0 when taxiing and forgot to turn it off lol. I’ve had an elevator failure once before though.
Other than that, probably realizing flaps are not down when you are at like 80 knots

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What can i do? Change the title?

What happens if you superate the V1 with one motor and you need to takeoff? Request a pattern?

Yep, I’ve had to abort takeoff a few times. One particular time was when I was taxiing and forgot to turn on my second engine as I was rolling down the runway. That explained why I nearly overran…

What do you mean by “superate the V1”

The speed when its not recommendable to cancle the takeoff.

An interesting situation would be when an aircraft rejects take off just before reaching V1 and the ATC presuming anticipated separation, clears number 2 for take off. Would be a good wake up call for Tower.

(Sorry jet_centric, didnt mean to reply to your comment)

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I understand what v1 is, it is not “recommendable” it THE decision speed, takeoffs MUST be aborted after V1.
What I did not understand was what you were trying to say, “superate” is not a word.

Sorry, im Argentinian and im learning english


Only time I’ve done a cancelled take off is when I’m hauling down the runway and think to myself… did i put enough fuel in this thing??



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Exit runway


I always ask my self during takeoff if I put enough fuel, then I realize I didn’t . Spoilers, reverse thrust and brakes then gets a beating from my hand to stop the aircraft. Then I would forget the reason why I aborted takeoff

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Anybody here was ghosted for cancel the takeoff?

Nope, I’ve never done it under the presence of ATC

You wouldn’t be ghosted for aborting a takeoff. They happen, no matter the need. Just follow exit command - expedite if needed (assuming there’s someone landing). Do what you need to do and get back in the taxi line to depart

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I do not think that since as the best simulator each pilot before going to the pushback must take into account all that I do not think I have to put this option because if they want to make the flight as real as possible the first thing you have to have is time don’t do everything fast just because the active atc are there I think not if you forget it then you are not a good commercial, military, tourist or cargo pilot come on guys don’t do this as if it were a little game this is a simulator if you want to do it So that’s what the Training server is for but on the expert server I don’t think they have to give that option

Only once I’ve needed to do a rejected takeoff on ES because Live Flight Connect lost connection to IF which in turn killed my joystick before V1.

Things like that can happen, people who make it to the runway with only 1 engine ignited are…