Have you had any close calls?

I remember that one time I was going for a takeoff in a 777-200F when I was almost at my takeoff speed before I noticed a plane on the other side of the runway so I cancelled takeoff and stopped the plane before I crashed into the airplane. I was on a training server so I guess the ATC wasn’t very skilled…image


Once I was on TS at TNCM and someone entered the runway so I had to abort takeoff.

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Yea i hate it when people act like there are no rules!
Some people just go on the runway without permission or just go through planes


I was taking off on Expert Server, no ATC was online and there was a plane which was crossing the runway. I had to abort takeoff immediately to avoid a collision.

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Well somebody just now did not request touch and goes but yet ATC cleared me for takeoff

which ended in a collision

…but, without enforcement there are none.

Remember to check before taxiing onto runway, atc can make mistakes too.

Look at both planes on the runway, This is all you need to describe training server


I was Atc at Ontario Airport and there were 2 planes on approach. The first plane was on final approach and someone flying the a320 lined up for takeoff with no clearance and then he went afk for 30 seconds. At the last minute the plane on final approach had to go around

Only recently…

Close Calls??!! say the words “Training Server”


When I had live, on expert, I was coming into EGBB. Brilliant approach control, but the controller kept lining up aircraft in front of me when I was on finals, even though cleared to land. Had to go around twice, but it was still a lot of fun!

It was happening to me at KLAX (This won’t be surprising to most of the members) TS1 (Still Playground at that time), A B747SCA was cleared to took off from the other side of the runway (07L) while I was cleared to took off earlier from 25R. I had to abort my takeoff and I immediately leave the runway when he passed over me (The gap between me and him was only several feets!)

Once I was at LAX and I went to do an ATC call and when I came back I found out a Turkish Airlines 777 Went through me and he was Grade 3!

you dont crash with other planes. you just takeoff, it wasnt necessary for you to cancel your takeoff. that happened to me a lot of times, one day i was on final approach so, when i touched down on the runway (i was flying a 777 200 ER) an a380 ran over me. and nothing happened. I mean thats normal on the game. there lots of mistakes ( atc and players because they dont wait for the clearances and they do what they want) by the way because sometimes there are 2 or 3 planes taking off at the same time. in my opinion rejecting a takeoff or a landing is a waste of time.

i HATE that too! i feel like i wanna punch someone. i cant stand it. i dont reject any takeoff or landing because it will happen the same again, so its a waste of time going around and ask for clearance again and bla bla bla.

All of these close calls were just I didnt see them, Expert server.

Sometimes people just takeoff on the other end of the runway while I’m taking off in TS!

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Last week, I took off from LAX at TS1 and a landing plane was about 500 feet away from collision course. Phew, I’m glad i made it out safely😞😅


yesterday i maaged to out fly a grade 3 in a A320, they were in a 767 travilling 500knts+. i was travling at 340knts and under. I then got the idea to slow down to 190knts the were about to pass me when they quit. Imagine all the time and effort gone to waste by that grade 3 by getting overspeed violations

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