Have you had a Time When you Nearly Quit IF?

Have you ever thought about quitting IF? I have once. This was when I began to get serious about flight simulation with X-Plane 11. In order to afford a more complex setup, I began thinking about quitting IF. The Climax of this story was when @DeerCrusher ghosted me at the IFVARB summit for what seemed like no reason after 3 other ghostings way back in May (the reason was because I was a spectator and I misread the times that spectators were to takeoff, and so I took off 2 hours earlier than when I was supposed to). This made me significantly think about IF live, and I decided to quit. When I checked back on my stats a few days later, I was surprised that my ghost was reversed. While I don’t think that the ghosting was necessary due to the lack of traffic at the time, this was a very happy moment for me, knowing that the mods and staff people would reverse ghosts if they were wrong. For info about these ghostings, see here:

Then my parents allowed me to continue the IF pro subscription, and continue improving to where I am today.

If this should go in general or somewhere else, or if it’s a duplicate, let me know


Happy to hear a good ending to the story.

I never have had a moment where I said to myself “Im going to quit Infinite Flight” & hopefully I will never have that moment.


I did, once last year. I received 6 vios and was at the brink of stop playing. But I instead, after waiting 7 days, just naturally came back to play again. Because I grew tired of my other chores and need mor things to do, and therefore to find variety and because I missed IF, I came back to fly. And since, I sort of grown to l’ve that I did receive vios back then as they tested my patience quite a lot :)

Today, I don’t receive violations as much as I did before. I did though have a brief time period before Christmas where I just grabbed one after another Violation, but they didn’t stop me and now I’m back at it again flying because that’s what I love to do ✈


Glad your love for flying overpowered your violations :)

I never quitted Infinite Flight. Until I realised I had less and less time to do so. I come back from school, so I take a nap. I then do my homework and start studying. After it I take a bath and eat some supper and go to bed in the late night to sleep for the next day. I rarely have time. A proper gameplay would include a minimum of a three hours like a short haul flight. I still have no time for even a short haul flight. I sometimes fly around with my f22. My only time is during the weekends and holidays. That was the time I slowly stopped playing until I tried to think of many ways on playing IF. I am always cautious and aware and I was rarely ghosted. Just once. When I spawned at the wrong gate.

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That’s starting to happen to me. More and more homework means less and less time for flight sims. Usually I take a break when I get home from school, and then I do homework. Usually I’m done by 6:30 EST, giving me 2 hours to fly (which is enough for me) before bedtime. However, now I have more homework causing me to finish at 7:00. That gives me 1 and a half hours to fly, which isn’t enough to fly short haul routes. This is why I have begun to fly patterns more and more to maintain grade 5, and because patterns take less time.

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Nah, i stick with IF since September 2018 and fly almost every day

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I got bored of IF a little over a year ago. This was back when I exclusively did long hauls with little to no realism. Then I started planning my flights more realistically, and it was much more fun. The end :D

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Last flight was today, ETSI-LPMA

I remember I long while back, when I first got into IF, started to get really down on myself because I could never get the hang of it. I tried and tried for months but could never get good at the sim. I actually did end up quitting for a long time, maybe like 6 months?

But then I still remember looking at my phone about 6 months later, and seeing the Infinite Flight app, and it brought me back to thinking I could never do it. And I still remember saying to myself, don’t quit! So I opened the app and I kept trying.
And now we are here today, and I’m on the expert server, and I’ve actually gotten really good at the sim!

I’m definitely glad I came back :)


I am also full of homework and exams. But what I do is that when I arrive home, I takeoff in a 4 hours flight (more or less) and when I have already taken dinner, I land. I arrive home at 6:00pm local time, and I take dinner around 9:00pm (yes, here at spain we take dinner very late)

When I got my first three violations 2 years ago.

When i first got the game I did not really play the game and just wasted 3 months of subscription then I started getting an addiction to this game and did about 2 flights a day (1 long haul and 1 short haul) and now I am using the game to stop seeing my phone when I need to study.so I just kinda do a short haul when studying and come back😅

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I remember back when I knew almost nothing about aviation, 2015 or so I got IF and just played solo all the time. I never knew how to takeoff or land at all and kept overspeeding so I just quit. I didn’t use it for about a year and then I flew a flight in real life again. After that flight it probably changed me forever because I really got curious about aviation so I just watch tutorials about how to takeoff/land in IF. At first I could only do it with hdg and spd still on but I kept working at it and soon got really good without AP on and then that got me where I am now with hopes of becoming a real pilot in the next few years

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Yes - when I look at the outrageous prices I always consider if it’s worth it. So now I only subscribe when I’m on school holiday so I can use it properly.

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Something did happen to me back in August of 2017. I don’t really want to say what or why directly as to not give myself grim memories, but it was something I dreamt of doing. All I wanted to do was to have this opportunity to help make the sim better. The result of this particular event made me leave the skies and this forum behind for several months with little activity. My profile was blacked out, and I was pretty much nowhere to be seen. I did decide to stick with IFAE, as I knew they had my back. Well, over a year later, I’m a very active regular and Live Pilot looking to give the community a boost whether big like a helpful/informative topic or as small as a good screenshot 👍🏻


I’ve only been using IF for about three or four months, but yes, I almost decided to leave it. Prior to achieving Grade 3, and therefore being stuck on the TS, I was becoming extremely frustrated with some of the other users in Live. Fighter jet pilots intentionally interfering with commercial and GA pilots, pilots not listening to ATC, etc.

But since I’ve bumped up to Grade 3 and hit the Expert Server, it’s been a totally different ballgame. I enjoy it again, a lot! Having never been a pilot, IF has made me learn so much about aviation. I just can’t wait to be able to control on Expert, as I really enjoy both aspects of the simulator.

That’s what I used to do

That’s part of my story! I began to get fed up with the ATC and pilots at some point on expert. My main problem was that I thought that they gave unrealistic speed restrictions and they didn’t follow real world procedures, but now I realize that’s fine.

I do have to say that the amount and quality of support from forum users has been amazing. I don’t post often, but I read tons of questions and answers and the amount of teaching and encouragement is great!

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