Have you guys seen this mountaintop airport?

I’ve searched and tried many scenic airports in IF. But I just found this airport accidentally. Very scenic! It’s ZUZH in China.

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Seen this mountaintop airport?


Class Alpha Airport???👀

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Where is it?

No. It’s Panzhihua airport in China.

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OMG. 😱 Which airport is that?

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Editor here! Glad you like this airport 😉

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I don’t like it. I LOVE it!!

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If U prefer to see more mountaintop airport, I recommend U to ZUWS(Chongqing Wushan Airport).

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These mountaintop airports are just the best launch pads ever. Even better than Kennedy Space Center

For example, this topic:

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I tried it! Let’s just say I had a rough landing on a B77W!


pro gamr


What airport?


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Oh ok, same airport

Yes, I have just tried there. It’s steeper and higher than the one I posted.

You should also try ZUWS also in China and VEPY.

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VEPY is insane, a few of us from GAF flew in that place 😂😂😂😂 @GoldenMyanmar

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isn’t this airport near lax or in the middle of one of the hawaiian islands right? cause i saw a airport like this once.

I think the radar altimeter callouts are going to be a bit jumpy…