Have you guys flown on a retired plane?

Have any of you guys ride on any plane that is retired today ?
The 747 counts FYI

Once I flew in a 737-700 of Copa, that was retired last year. I think it’s flying with United now.

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I have flown on the SkyWest’s EMB Brasilia.

korean air’s 747-400

british airways 737-idk

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The 747 isn’t retiring just yet.

Flew on a America West B737-200 in 2003.

I have too!

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A few. I’ve flown on plenty of scrapped 747s.

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I said that because it’s going. To be retired soon

Soon Cathay’s 747s will be gone. I flew on one from Hong Kong to Tokyo.


Northwest 757 and Airbus a319 😭😭😭

American md80

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some Continental plane. IDK if it’s retired however.

I’ve flown on a couple defunct airlines.USA 3000 and Air Tran are two of them.

Air Canada A340

AirTran 717 and 737, and Emirates A340-500.

Funny you say that, because I have also!

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I was on singapore airlines last 747 flight.

The B747-400, an aircraft we grew up in, the Queen of the Skies. Please give us one last applause for this Singapore Airlines, Boeing 747. On behalf of Singapore Airlines and Star Alliance, we thank you for flying with us on the B747’s last flight.


I think I’ve done LAN A318, I’m not sure though