Have you Got the right stuff?

Many moons ago, I am sure many of you remember, there was a Space Shuttle that was available to be used on solo mode so you could challenge yourself of landing the worlds largest, and fastest, glider at Edwards AFB. Now, like the full size orbiter, the shuttle in IF has been retired.

Currently we have available SOFIA and the SCA available to fly and you can use a F-14 or F16 to represent the T-38. T-38 Talon but we have one other possible aircraft to use. The STA or the Shuttle Training Aircraft. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shuttle_Training_Aircraft?wprov=sfsi1

The Right Stuff Challenge

Using an E-170, spawn at KEDW at I-1 to I-4 then take off and climb to FL370, then drop all flaps, gear down, thrust to neutral and try and land that flying brick on 33!

Good luck!


Out of all the planes…


That’s the challenge…(closest to GII).


What else, a Cessna? Nice to give the ERJ-170 some attention. 😂

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I think the 787 would be better. Maybe a 747 actually.

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How so? David is trying to stick closesest to the real world procedure.


Maybe he is using he -170 because of its characteristics, and how they are closer to the shuttle then others.


“The Right Stuff” as title triggered me. I read a book currently, which has the same name. I highly suggest to read it as an Aviation Enthusiast. Its about all the world famous test pilots and how they got to where they are now. Just awesome.


This challenge was so easy I descended at 9000 fpm and pointed directly towards 33 boom smooth landing

I thought triggered means to make someone/thing mad.

Anyways, I’ll for sure try this challenge! Miss the good old days with the shuttle.


From which runway I should take-off?

That is exactly why I named the thread as I did! Worth watching the film of the same name as well ;-)

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I took off from 22R, climbed up to FL370, turned off the coast and heading inland to get lined up. Only start your descent when you are about 18nm from touchdown so you need VS of -8000 - 10,000fpm, so it’s far from a normal approach.

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