Have you Flown on a Russian Airliner?

I’ve had a fascination with Russian civil aircraft since I was a child, specifically the Tu-134, Tu-154, and the Il-62. These were the most commonly-used Russian airliners from the 1970s through the early 2000s. Being from the West, I never had the opportunity to fly on any of these types, which are now mostly out of service. I’m wondering if anyone in the IFC has flown on one of these amazing aircraft. If so, please describe the airline, route, and general experience below. I’m hoping the global reach of the forum will yield some results.

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No. Never. Will never.

Anything that’s not a Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, or Embraer, I will probably never get on for fear of my life 😂


Anyone flown Air Koryo?

Also, the Sukhoi SSJ-100 counts as a Russian Airliner, right?


RIP, lol

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Its made in russia so i dont see why it wouldn’t be counted as a russian airliner.

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So you mean i risked my life when i flew a Fokker 100 or a Bae 146?


The SSJ100 is a great aircraft, but for this thread, I was referring to the classic Russian airliners from the time period I mentioned. I’m sure there’s someone here who’s flown on one in the past.

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Never left the U.S, so nope. I would be too scared, considering the history of just the TU-144.

McDonnell Douglas?


Lockheed Martin?

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^ i can’t really say anything else


God I wish…

For someone from a post-soviet area, you’d expect me to have flown on one. If only I could’ve went to Ukraine and flown on one of those.


Im actually planning to fly Motor Sich Airlines this year or next before its too late. I d also love to fly a domestic Siberian sector, but for now i cant afford going that far

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I’d also fly on Lockheed Martin or McDonnell Douglas. I just named some bigger names that I knew off the top of my head.


‘twas a joke, lol 😂


I was joking too lol


I’ve only flown the tuploev 154 or however it’s spelt from Moscow DME to Sochi with S7 Which was a wonderful experience



Lucky you…

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I haven’t myself but I know a good amount of people who have. We used to get a lot of Russian aircraft at our airport since we are so close to Cuba. Thought I’d share some pics of them at GCM.

AeroCaribbean AN-24

AeroCaribbean Yakovlev Yak-40

Avia Leasing (CaribEx) AN-26B

All photo credits go to Gerard A. Mark on JetPhotos

(Edit: Photos are from 2003 and 2004.)


I know a guy with an AN2 I’m hoping I can get a ride on it

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Never have but I would like to. Don’t know where I would though, and I don’t plan on going to North Korea anytime soon.