Have you flown a VFR (pilotage) flight on IF?

😂. I always like to study a chart (if available) and do some circles to locate the airport. Hardest I’ve ever done was a random grass strip in Seattle mountains at night. No lights


@Insertusernamehere… MaxSez: Pilotage (Dead Reckoning) is a futile endeavor with the present IF Chart, no compass (no HUD) and no truly identifiable landmarks or scale its an iffy proposition. Our chart doesn’t even have spot elevations or Burgs ID’ed. A preflight extrapolation from a sectional would be required in most cases unless you where familure with the region without a compass on a clouded day you’d rarely get home. Good idea but I’d wait for Global’s Nav routine to be published or Stand By compasses are installed in all GA. Suggest you hold off on the Tutorial till Global launches.
Just Sayin.

Doesn’t GA’s such as the C172 have at least the artificial horizon (I think thats the name) in their instruments ? How to tell how much pitch I’m giving at landing, etc…? It would be nice to have a diferent hud in the GA’s… or having the option to chose between analog hud and intrument hud, just in some GA aircrafts only.

They do, but you can also fly IFR in them that’s partially why they have them 😉

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