Have you ever witnessed any aircraft emergencies at airports

Have you ever witnessed any aircraft emergencies at an airport?
I have seen at least three at KPDX my hometown airport


i was just going to say ive seen some at KPDX. Ive seen a landing without reverse thrust.


That is actually quite common. I had a Landing in Memphis the other day and we didn’t use any reverse thrust.

But to answer your questions, I’ve only seen the fire trucks roll to apprent emergency aircraft


I’ve never seen one as it was happening but I’ve been on airport grounds as it happened and I saw the aircraft after it everything was settled… I went to an Avionics school on an airport (KAGC) and being a avgeek, ofcourse I would bring my handheld radio into class so I could listen to the tower all day.

I’ve heard multiple Emergency calls and other oddities on the ATC frequencies, most Emergencies I’ve heard were fuel or somehow an aircraft would go off the runway… after avionics school I changed paths and become a 911 dispatcher, so multiple times I’ve sent either police or fire/EMS to the airport for Emergency situations or medical emergencies on board.


I have witnessed an aircraft belly land with no gear at KSAT in 2014, the delays were outrageous. The aircraft was a small aircraft single engine but I don’t know the type



All I know about the aircraft is that it is a Piper type aircraft. I went to their website to try and find it but unfortunately no luck

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I’d say yes? I had just left Seattle Tacoma Airport from a little spotting trip. When I got to my hotel, I saw on the news that a guy had stolen a Horizon Dash-8 and went on a joyride. I found out that he did that just a half hour after I had left.


I once was at KPDX and saw two emergencies in one day. The first was I think a small fire started on a Boeing 737-900 that was under going maintenance there were about three fire trucks and one ambulance and the second was a car accident at the pickup/drop of zone

I was at KLAX when that JetBlue plane landed with the offset nose gear.

It wasn’t an emergency but I witnessed a student pilot hit the prop on the runway. He had a horrible landing.

Saw a G-202 crash at Stewart International Airport while practicing for the air show the next day, killed the pilot…

MHT has some fair share of emergency landings.

I went to go see an American Eagle flight land due to flap failure, but I didn’t see it land, only saw the fire trucks following it. This was the day the Deer Jet 787 departed as well


Well… there was this emergency landing at my hometown airport [KLAS] and it was because of a birdstrike. And then 3 months later I think, there was this British 777 that caught on fire while taking off.


I have seen a Boeing 737(Don’t know what variation) land with the brakes on fire. Don’t necessarily know if that’s an emergency, although about 3 fire trucks cane out.

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I saw what I think was an emergency in here, we were driving relatively nearby, and I saw a 172 that acording to FR24 made a pretty quick turn around, not sure what was up

I’ve also seen some weather diversions into KPIT, with it’s long runways, and relatively low traffic load we get given up as a diversion for NYC, ORD, DC, and Toronto fairly often…

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Yes I have. I was once flying in Maryland and we just landed at Bay Bridge Airport (W29) and there was a dual-engine aircraft (maybe a Beechcraft) that blew a tire upon landing.
To make a long story short, the plane was parked at the end of the runway and they had to shut down the airport for a few hours.

I was at EHAM when a flight from Tunis (en route to Amsterdam) was hijacked. I was 13 years old and flying alone, and my badass ticketless father somehow snuck past security to accompany me as far as he could. Heavily-armed police or soldiers were everywhere, including the wings of the airplanes outside. Eventually, they somehow determined that my dad had no ticket and we were surrounded by these armed forces, guns drawn. I had to empty my suitcase and explain where I was going and why I was there. Upon realizing that we were not a threat, we were told “do not return to the Nederlands”! I don’t think we’re on any list though. I’ll return someday…

Here’s the story

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I’ve been in two aircraft emergencies, does that count?

About 25-odd years ago we had to return to the airport because of engine trouble. Not sure what the trouble was, but we were back at the airport within 10 mins and even were able to taxi to the gate. DC-10.

About 17 years ago we had to return to Washington (or was it JFK…) because of cabin pressure issues. We parked next to another aircraft, they moved us over and we left again 20 mins later. Can’t recall the aircraft.

Well not exactly an emergency, but i saw a military helicopter on its last ever flight before it crashed about 1 hour later. There is a military base really close to my school and i distinctly remember seeing the helicopter flying really close over me. When returned home i heard about the terrible news

Saw this a while back, the photo on the thread is mine.