Have you ever traveled by plane? If so, what aircraft(s) and airline(s)?

Recently I’ve been looking around the community and wanted to create a topic that most people will be able to engage in, especially while we’re still in quarantine.

With that being said, if any of you have ever traveled by plane, what aircraft(s) and airline(s) have you been on? I’ll go first :)

A320 (United, JetBlue, Lufthansa)
A321 (Air France)
A330-300 (Delta)
A350-900 (Lufthansa)
737-800W (United)
737-800SFP (United)
737-900 (United)
737-900ER (United)
757-200 (United)
767-400ER (United)
777-200 (United)
777-200ER (United)
777-200LR (Delta)

Enjoy :)


2x CAI-CDG Boeing 787-9 ( Egyptair)

Delta doesn’t have a 777-300ER.

E-175 Delta, E-175 United, 737-800 Delta, 737-900er Delta, 737-900er United, E-190 JetBlue, A320 JetBlue, A320 United, A319 Delta, Crj-700 United, Crj-200 United, Emb-120 United, Crj-900 Delta, A319 American, 757-200 Delta, MD-80 American, MD-90 Delta, C172 some random guy airlines lol, C182 Civil Air Patrol.

Yep, my bad. I corrected it :)

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ERJ-175 (United/American)
CRJ-700 (United/American)
CRJ-900 (American
A320 (United/American)
A321 (American)
737-700 (Southwest/American)
738-800 (American/United/Southwest)
757-200 (Delta)
787-9 (United)
787-10 (United)

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