Have you ever seen a B777 with wing tip fences?

Have you ever seen that?

Not my photo

This is a joke, that’s the tail of another aircraft. Did I get you?


No, you didn’t…


I mean the 777X has sharklets…

No, it doesn’t. It looks like a sharklet when the wings fold.

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Yeah but it does at some point, with folded wing ends

That’s what I said…

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I know. That’s why I replied to you 👍

Nah not really. You can clearly see the wing continues to protrude out after the “winglet” curves upward. Good find though.


Aren’t Sharklets for Airbusses? I thought Boeing uses winglets.


Yes, but that looks like a sharklet, that’s why I said so.

Wow you got me. It looks real😂

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you got me good

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You got me:-)

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It looks like a wingtip fence or a split scimitar singlet.

Yeah Airbus call them “Sharklets”. The reason for this linguistic kung-fu is to avoid a law suit from Aviation Partners, and a earlier winglet design they tested for Airbus. More below:

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777 330 MERGE 370!
OMG The Bobus 370 is here!
Time to freak out!

Can someone explain to me why a 777 doesn’t have winglets?

Boeing did a aerodynamics study and found that raked back wing devices worked better for them.

These are found on the 777-300ER, 777F and 777-200LR.

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Ok, thank you!

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That’s a wingtip fence (like on the A330 and B747). A sharklet curves up from the wing.