Have you ever landed at the wrong airport in Live?

I know we all follow Flight Plans, but has there been a been a case in Infinite Flight where someone has landed at the wrong airport in the Sim?

That hasn’t happened to me yet. I tend to follow the Flight Plan, but I’ve always wondered if it’s still possible to mistake another airport for the one you were intending to land at in Infinite Flight.

Have you landed at the wrong airport before? It Can been in any server

Thought I’d try something different for Live, interested to hear your stories :)


Not me, but i’m sure Rocco has.


Yeah I have. I was supposed to go from KLAX to KSAN but accidentally put KSNA in my flight plan. These were my early days in Infinite Flight 😂

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I don’t think he has, but he has requested takeoff from the wrong airport before.


So… On my first time inbound to Copenhagen, I accidentally landed at EKCH’s neighborghing tiny airport EKRK, because EKCH is called just “Kastrup” in IF, and doesn’t mention anything about Copenhagen. On the other hand, EKRK does have Copenhagen in the name, which convinced me that I needed to land my 787 on a 5000 ft runway at EKRK…


Did you just end the flight there, or did you taxi back and takeoff to land at the correct airport?

Nah, just ended it there with a :facepalm:

No. I have never done that.

No I have never landed at the wrong airport in Live

I have a destination airport in mind? I arrive at that destination

Only to recreate a situation where a plane landed at a wrong airport in real life.
Dreamlifter landing at Colonel James Jabara airport instead of Mcconnell Air Force Base
Usually follow fight plan exactly
Used a A380 to recreate though lol


A long time ago, before global, when I just flew solo and I was a lot less experienced, I was flying to EGLL and knew I was heading the direction of the runway, except I intercepted the first ILS I came across. I wasn’t till I was almost on the ground it dawned on me I was at EGLC, so I ended up doing a touch and go and going back to EGLL.

But its a variant of the 747?

I happened to have accidentally landed at Paya Lebar Airbase on what should have been an approach into Singapore Changi but the runways are pretty much parallel.

No, but my friend did. We had a flight from KSTL to KLGA, KJFK Tower was so irritating to him with no reason, and he accidentally landed at KTEB xdxd

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Got someone today lining up for OTBD rwy 33 instead of OTHH 34L.

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Funny story - I forget what airport specifically but there was a DPE (Pilot Examinator) getting ready depart an airfield, they call up the tower request take off and got the clearance and she just took off. She was tuned into the wrong tower and the tower that cleared her to take off was a sea plane base. She still flies last I heard but lost her DPE

True, But seemed around the relative size of an A380. Could be wrong

I have it in stream. I landed at Miami executive airport instead of Miami International link to stream: https://youtu.be/jD9MRvUHnaY

I haven’t done that but I have almost landed on the wrong runway! I noticed at about 6 miles out and had to quickly change, thought for sure I was going to get in trouble lol.

I haven´t ever landed in other airport, but I have landed in other runway and also I have take off from other runway, I was in Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM)
It´s so confusing!