Have You Ever Flown In An Aircraft Not Operated By An Airline Anymore?


Nope,they have a huge amount still.
Just took one 2mnths ago and will take another one soon.

Delta CRJ livery’s everywhere in CRJ updates :)


It’s not included because their CRJ’s are operated by Skywest and other carriers like that, take a look here: https://www.delta.com/content/www/en_US/traveling-with-us/airports-and-aircraft/Aircraft.html


Ok! Well then…

that was embarrassing

I guess I can say that I flown on a WN B733.


I’ve flown in a KLM MD-11, Northwest DC-10, Northwest 747-200, Delta DC-9, Delta MD-11, and a Northwest Saab 340


Wow! I wish I could have done that!


But I think NWA had their A320s at the time of merger


Wow a lot of 80-90s birds
MD11 is an aircraft I’ve dreamed of flyin in but KLM retired then before I can fly it …


I’ve flown on Emirates’ A332, good they got replaced, they were so old and most of the IFE didn’t even work. I also flew on Cathay’s 744, didn’t realize it at the time but that might have been my first and last time on a 747-400.


I have flown on American Airlines’ md-80s before. I think they are retiring them.


They’ve already retired them
Delta still carry’s the mad dogs


Nope, still in their fleet. They will be fully phased out in 2019.


Wow really I spot at KCLT a lot and never seen one
Wikipedia is not always a reliable source btw


This was my first ever flight and I believe it was a northwest a320 or a319. This was back in 2004.


British Airways Concorde. Just an amazing aircraft.


Wow you flew on Concorde? Lucky. I was born about a year after they were phased out. Must’ve have been a super nice airplane.


Well basically:
Aviacsa 737-200
Aviacsa 737-300
Mexicana A320
Mexicana 757
Click Mexican F100
Aeromexico MD-80
Continental 737-500
United 737-500
Aeromexico E145
Air France 747-400
Southwest 737-200
Southwest 737-300
Southwest 737-500
And probably a lot more I just forgot about them


Virgin Atlantic A340-300 and Air New Zealand 747-400 are all I can think of


I was there…watching


I was on a Boeing 747-400 by Delta.



  • Aeroflot 767-300
  • Vladivostok Avía TU-204
  • Malaysian Airlines B737-400, B777-200, Fokker-50
  • Aurora Airlines B737-500
  • Asiana Airlines A320-200
  • Air Asia B737-400

Holy cow that’s a long list