Have You Ever Flown In An Aircraft Not Operated By An Airline Anymore?


And they use 777s now to fly on flights from Hong Kong to Japan.


I flew on a Northwest Airlines DC-10 on the way back from Vegas when we had to change planes at Halifax (if I remember correctly) back to Gatwick back in 2006.
TBH it was terrible it rattled really bad even at cruise and you could smell the fumes from the engines inside
We renamed NWA Never Will Again airlines 😁


United 737-500
SAS 767-300
Northwest DC-10


Oh well sorry to hear that. Did anyone pass out from smelling the fumes?


Pretty cool @Kate_Russell! I actually didn’t know that SAS operates 767’s until you showed me!


No not that I remember. It was a shame cos when I saw the DC10 I was a tad bit excited to be going on it. Only to be let down I remember thinking When I boarded it looked dated and in need of repairs. Maybe that one was near the end of its life. The rattles and shakes on take off were hilarious if not a bit unnerving.
It had a projector screen on the centre bulkhead where the movies were being shown haha. Classic :)


Well glad you got to fly on a trijet. Something you can no longer do. 😉


I forgot…SkyWest Embraer 120 as well


Pretty nice @Cameron_Stone! 👍


LOT Embraer 145.


Cool! Seeing a lot of people saying LOT. Are they a good airline?


They’ve been near the bottom of the list of my favorites because there just wasn’t much special about them. They’re modernizing their fleet, and with the 787, 737NG and 737 MAX, they’re moving back up toward the top


Also forgot to mention that I have also flown on Cathay Pacific’s B747-400 from Hong Kong to Taipei when I was 4 or something.


Pretty cool! I forgot until now, but I actually saw their 747 in CDG. It was pretty cool!


I can get that. Well. Still cool you could fly on it in my opinion.


Personally, I think that their economy experience for a non-stop KORD-WAW Flight was excellent, but they have major delays. Their “szengen” or regional service is often delayed, and quite average. Would reccomend for non-stop, but not regional.


Flew on this plane back on July 15, 2002. My first flight ever, was only 6 days old.

Sadly the aircraft is now awaiting to be scrapped (Think it might have been already now)

Aircraft on the right


Actually did some more research into the airframe and found that it is still active with a Canadian airline. It is now registered as C-GXNR and operated by Glencore Canada as a combi. To figure out this plane was still flying made my day :)


SAS MD-82 and SAS Q400


Ok that’s fine. Thanks for the info!