Have you ever felt an Earthquake while at an Airport?

I have never felt an earthquake while taxiing/ Landing or at an airport. The only Earthquake I have experienced was back on October 16, 2012 at 7:16pm EST when I was home (M4.7 Hollis, ME) Has anyone ever felt an Earthquake while waiting to board their flight? I am curios to know, thanks :)

Yep, Washington DC in 2012 I thought.

Not in the air, waiting for a flight. (And no)

You mean the Virginia 2011 M5.6?

Same thing. It was so long ago. I felt it at Dulles actually.

Tocumen 2010 in early morning…but it wasn’t so hard, it was just a light land shaking. I was also felt in other points of Panama City…

Our Maine 2012 Earthquake was pretty strong! The largest to hit the New England States! It didn’t disrupt any flights out of all the airports affected, but it gave us New Englanders something to talk about that day lol :)


I haven’t ever experienced any earthquake yet alone one in a airport


Wow. Earthquakes in Panama aren’t so strong…earthquakes like that in Panama are extremely rare.

Actually, New England gets at least 10-50 earthquakes a year unlike California, where they get thousands of quakes there. New England quakes usually go from M1.0 to M3.5 at most. M4.0 or above is really rare. In fact, When an earthquake strikes the east coast, it is felt more widely than the west coast. The Virginia quake disrupted many flights into IAD, DCA, BWI, PHL, JFK, EWR, LGA, and many more west coast airports. The tower at DCA was evacuated because of the quake!

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Wow that’s insane.

Same in PTY. Although they don’t last to much.

Still the airports’ staffs are well prepared for this kind of events

We as New Englanders are not prepared for such an event like an Earthquake, as we aren’t used to them like how Californians are. Our buildings are older and they can collapse as easily if a M5.5 occurred.

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Ive felt one at the airport in Japan.

what city?

Tokyo. (Earthquake centeral)

oh. Yeah, Japan is earthquake world lol

Yeah. Four plates and a butt load of volcanos don’t do so well.

Actually, yes, I have… I’d say around a year ago there was a 4.5 earthquake at six ish in the morning, we were at LAX… It was such a coincidence because we don’t usually travel at that time of year…

You don’t travel a lot? Did you see the usgs link I posted or the photos of a M4.7 here in Maine? I live in NH.

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No, I do… Just not in the spring. I don’t know why but my mom just never books it then