Have you ever done a semi-overnight flight?

My family and I went on vacation about a month ago to the big island in Hawaii, we flew from San Francisco to Kona which is about a 5 hour flight. I’ve always wanted to fly it in IF but a 5 hour time Frame doesn’t work for me. I decided to do some research and figured out that if I took off and maintained 227 knots (airspeed) then the flight would take 5 hours, so I set an alarm for 3AM sand woke up then, took off and woke back up at 8 where I landed in Kona after 5 hours. Have you ever done anything like this?

Yes, I have. Dubai To Los Angeles about 15.5 hours

Yes but most of my flights are long enough to go through the night so 12+ hours

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i do, but i’m usually up until about midnight on weekends anyway so i just depart before i go to bed and can comfortably wake up at about 10am to land. i have never, nor will i ever, wake up at 3am to start a flight! 🤯

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I like doing those flights more than the semi-overnight flights

sometimes wake up at like 3 or 4 am just to start a transpacific flight so that I time it for after I get home. that one time I did VA1 from sydney to LA my bike broke from school so I came home late but landed at Chicago lol. was really low on fuel tho

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