Have you ever done a non-gear landing?

I didn’t notice to gear down , panic and safe landing 🤣 (B777-200)

I was very very panic because it was Expert Server 🤣

Is it ghosting situation when I didn’t down the landing gear?


You are the PIC so no unless you block the runway and it causes interference. In this case, simply end the flight to avoid any conflict with other traffic so the airspace can flow normally.


So after that terrible event, whenever I finally cleared for approaching HUB airport, I check always more than Triple times that I downed Landing Gear 😂🤣

New Habit added🤣

And that’s the beautiful thing about learning from your mistakes! Happy landings!


Any landing can be a non-gear landing, as long as you are fine with crashing…

Back in the day, all the time!

Well if you noticed why did you just go around?


I had already touched down and that time I don’t have in mind of going around 🤣

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I do that a lot in the Casual Server. ;)


I did on EX with ATC were in airport. I landed and aircraft slow downed so fast. And I realized gear was not down and I immediately end flight.


I did It in training Server, with a A380

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I used to but now I have a checklist, especially as soon as I turn final I make sure my gear is down
So nowadays no but yes I definitely used to… multiple times

By a pure accident, yes😂


It was this Monday. I was on a TBM. I was remaining in the pattern and was cleared to land a second time. I landed so smoothly that I thought something was going wrong. I was right. I forgot the landing gear. I immediately left because I was scared that the ATC would report me. x)

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You got same situation with me🤣

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Lots of times in Casual 🤣

I did land once without my landing gear on the expert server. Triple checked that my landing gear is down ever since

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Almost… I was flying a 77F on expert and I was 2nm from the runway when I noticed I didn’t put the landing gear down, but it all went well and just in time before I touched down

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It happened once , but never again after that. However on training server a lot of people keep doing this , I wish I could tell them but I couldn’t from my parking gate tho

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Hopefully nobody does a recreation of flight PIA8303…