Have you ever diverted somewhere in infinite flight

I was wondering has anyone ever diverted somewhere in infinite flight? I know you might not want to because you just want to get to your destination but as an alternative you could tell me if you’v been on an actual flight that has diverted somewhere. In infinite flight I have diverted to KPDX,KLAX and KSFO


I don’t recall anywhere I diverted to, as it is quite rare for me to get denied into an airport by ATC or lose fuel.

Yes few times if to windy NZWN probably round 60 gusts is diversion. 35-60 typically fine.

I remember one time I was on approach into KLAX flying a -8 and diverted to KSNA because the controller said that I was to big to land at KLAX


That’s… very incorrect.


It was on training server and there wasn’t an event going on ether


I’ve diverted a few times. I actually do enjoy diverting whenever the opportunity arises.

While flying MAD-BOG, I had to divert to Oranjestad (AUA) for refuel. A340-600 has really bad fuel consumption issues. The same thing occurred when I was flying FRA-JNB. I had to divert to this tiny Zambian airport for refueling.

While flying, IAH-DTW, I had to divert to ORD because I could not land at DTW after trying three times. I think my scenery had a fault so the airport was transparent. This same thing occurred when I was flying MDW-DGO. I decided to divert to Guadalajara.

Don’t think I’ve ever diverted for weather though but I would love to. Diversions are very infrequent for me, but it gives me a sort of thrill (maybe I’m just a nut case). I quite enjoy it. When I plan with SimBrief, they conveniently give airports to divert to, along with the flight plan. This makes everything easier in terms of planning when I do happen to divert somewhere.


Yep I have a few times due to visibility

I diverted to Færøyene once because I had to go to school

That sounds reasonable I do the same thing.

Also I was almost about to crash land because I didn’t have enough fuel and didn’t divert, the front gear probably was broken but we landed at the destination

I have had my fair share of fuel related diversions

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Yes from KBOS-KIAD and diverted to KBWI.
I had trouble with an engine.

Yeah, I was doing some base hopping in antarctica, I took off from SAWB and circled back around for a touch and go with intentions of doing that, doing a touch and go at NZ12, then landing at SCRM. The winds were so intense that I just could not get back on the ground at SAWB, so I diverted up to SCRM right away.

This is interesting, here are bits of my adventures:

  • 777-300ER. Continuing KLAX - PHNL realised midway above the ocean that my fuel plan was from my previous, shorter flight route! Diverting to a small military base on a very windy island.
    Things I learnt about myself and corrected since: Learnt not to be forgetful and sloppy, learnt to be more organized.

  • A-319. Operating a salvo of connecting flights from Bali WADD - WARE - WARR - WAHQ - WAHS - WIII, taxi to gate and refuelling on each stops. I was getting low on endurance and wanted to hurry up mid-way, miscalculated my fuel and weight ending up on another emergency above the pitch black mountains of Java at midnight and decided that I won’t make it to WAHQ - diverted to the nearby WAHH instead. But then, through a kung-fu of speed play, altitude and flap control found out an optimal glide to still reach my original dest. So I canceled my diversion and reach WAHQ, safely landed with 1 minute of flight time left - which shouldn’t have been. Refuelled and continue flight. Alone in the office, pitch black skies and only low engine rumble with mountains below… it WAS a scary flight!!!
    Things I learned about myself and corrected ever since: Learnt how to make up my mind (which was very true!)

Anyone who says that IF is only a game, I will contest. The way this sim operates and work the players create a thin line between real life and “just another app you hold in your hand”. There are other examples but that’s for another topic heading (cough!) have you ever reacted impatiently at EGLL training server (cough!).

Well I’ll say, this is not just a flight-sim, it has also been my self-sim :p

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I once did a flight from KPHX to KMSP but the turbulence was so bad that I had to divert to KDEN and finish the flight the next day.

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I was once flying DTW-NRT on a Delta Boeing 747-400. I fueled my plane to the appropriate level, I even added about 1hr and 30mins of fuel extra.

Needless to say, The strong winds went against my plane, and I woke up in the middle of the night to check on my flight, and I was forced to divert to an airport in Russia. When I checked, I had about an hour to find the closest airport. It was also very windy on approach that I nearly crashed, but I landed, refueled, and departed back en route to Tokyo-Narita.

That was the only time I ever diverted to another airport. It’s not to say it’ll happen again though, so I put about 2 hours of extra fuel, just to be safe


Once I was doing the A318 flight from EGLC-EINN-KJFK and was forced to go around 5 times due to it being heavily foggy and a CRJ being in front. Had to (unrealistically) divert to La Guardia.

I have yes diverted in IF. I was doing a flight from RJAA-KLAX on a b777 I had strong head winds and I was flying with 100% as that was why the A/P was doing. I figured I was not go in to make it to KLAX so I tried KSFO but that didn’t work so then I just had to go to CYVR.

In my early days in IF, I had a few diversions and a couple crashes because of fuel miscalculation but I do remember one distinct time where I was on the training server trying to land at VABB departed from VIDP (B737-800 Jet Airways). It was nice to see traffic at VABB and ATC but unfortunately it became a headache. Initially he/she cleared me to land at runway 27 but when on short final, the tower cancelled my landing clearance not sure why till this day. Runway looked clear from my end but I will give benefit of doubt to the tower. Then to make a long story short, the tower had me circling VABB by changing my runway assignment 4-6 times and making me conduct left traffic or right traffic. When I tried to rebut a couple times and request the runway I could land at immediately, tower would say unable and threatened to ghost me later. It got to a point where the traffic at VABB was nowhere close to being so heavy for me to be circling around, that I just exited VABB airspace and diverted to Nagpur VANP.