Have you ever been to space in IF?

I’ve never been to space, however I once hit 75000m with a Cesena 172. If you’ve have been in space do you have any photos or tips? Because that’s my current goal :D


This is in December 2019, and what I did was to use my home Airport and fly into the 60˚ border when there is no topograpy, you could also use and bugged Airport which isn’t at the correct altitude.


Well, yes but, no. I used the F35 or whatever it is in the sim and went to 80000 feet…


go to a solo flight fly for 2 mins and get the highest v/s and pause the game for 60-70 secnds…resume the game gain some more altitude and end the flight…go to the replay and watch it without skipping…you’ll notice that after some time aircraft starts goin to space