Have you ever been taken down by turbulence?

Thank you for your reply. While looking through the aviation aircrafts and incidents that were caused by turbulence, most occurred under cruising altitude shortly after takeoff. Another reason why takeoffs and landings are the most dangerous. After a few minutes of being on this thread, I now understand that severe turbulence can bring a plane down. But it is unlikely at cruise.

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I haven’t, and in my opinion its not really something you’d get from the turbulence in IF. If we had windshear though, that would make it much more scary to be taken down by something.


i agree, now supercells are a different story though lol.

Back in January 2020, when i was trying to do a Flight from Charles de Gaule to Roland Garros International using a A350 (Air Mauritius)
Specialy at this day it was a bit windy around Paris, and 5-6 minutes after the Take off i had found crosswind with 86 knots, my plane was taken down. Its really sad :(

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Idk if there is physics for this in the game but irl this will be called a microburst i think

The only case shall be wind shear on the crossing of a runway. At final approach will throw that Aircraft with all its weight like a block on the runway. It happened once. Real time. And when they simulated it to see if anyone could land it and no one was capable of landing it. I hope I’m not mentioning this on the wrong format…

At cruise, I don’t think it’s possible to be taken down by turbulence. Even if you go into solo, put a max headwind in, extreme turbulence, and max gusts, it won’t break. Even if you switch the direct headwind to a direct crosswind (which, mind you, changes instantly which it will never do on Live) the plane still holds on easily. If you go from direct headwind to tailwind, causing the TAS to drop by 200+ instantly, the plane still recovers.

fly around ohio at FL200- FL410, there is usually a wind of 150 kts

Honestly, 86kts shouldn’t be anywhere near enough to cause your aircraft to crash - maybe some moderate turbulence. Not sure how that happened.

I don’t believe microbursts occur in Infinite Flight. And, this doesn’t sound like one. A microburst is a low-level, narrow column of rapidly sinking air in a storm.

Surprising though it was, the aircraft was heavier than necessary, and that day the ATC was operating in LFPG, right after taking off, he instructed me to keep the lowest practical speed possible.
He said it was not possible and he instructed me to keep 170 knots, even if I needed to pick up speed. Just before clear LFPG, I found very strong turbulence, which led me to the crash of the aircraft.
And I’m talking about crosswinds at FL110 - FL130

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Right, I see,

Yes. With the very old 767, I once flew through 120kts of turbulence, the plane rocked violently, and the AP disengaged suddenly.

It can’t take down your plane but sometime your AP disengages and then, well the ending is quite predictable, isn’t it

I’ve never been taken down by turbulence, but I have been taken down when the A321 nose pitches when you overspeed. I have never experienced that with another aircraft in IF.

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If someone remembers the time when everyone went to the hurricane Dorian near by the Bahamas, the turbulence/Wind literally blow everyone outside of the runway, it was really funny 😂😂

You can judge that only looking this photo.


I remember that😂 good times

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that was the only time that the bahamas were more busy than the FNF location.

For anything that turbulence could cause to bring a plane down in IF would require damage models.
What you’re looking for here is gusts. Gusting winds can and have taken down many planes in RL and probably many many more in IF.

You could probably make that a thing by checking out the site in this topic.

Once, I was flying from CYVR-KSFO on a CRJ-700. After maybe 20 minutes of cruising, the plane hit some MASSIVE turbulence. It was to the point that my autopilot disengaged for a moment and I dove almost 5000 feet in 15 seconds. Scary experience, but also rare, and I doubt that it will ever happen to me again. (On infinite flight - just want to stress that fact)

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