Have you ever been sick while flying?

@tranquil_skyflyer I’ve been flying for many years and I’m highly sure I’ve learned to read people before they board my aircraft. Nausea in most passengers does not necessarily come from reasons you have given, it comes from the aircraft movement same as sea sickness or rough driving. something you don’t fell much of in large transport aircraft.

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Eh…I still put on hand sanitizer twice an hour, lol.

I do that before and after flying any plane. the controls of many planes are a great place fore sweat of other things to collect. but twice an hour jesus ;D

A bit off topic, but I got the flu in December, and now I put on hand sanitizer on whenever I pass a dispenser.

Fell sick at HKG after a long flight from DXB. HKG medics handled me well and I was released

Ate sushi and vomited once on SFO-DXB

I dont think I have ever been sick when flying, and if I have, flying just makes me feel better. I might come visit @QR01 while I am sick, just to get a hold of the controls on the plane man. lol


Never been sick in a flight yet

Don’t know the whole story but as a lil youngster my dad (single dad) took me on business trips with him. So here I am like 1.5 years old and my dad is holding my halfway through a flight to somewhere and BAM! I started liquid pooping in my diaper. Dad says it started leaking out from the diaper and spilling everywhere. The flight attentents ran up with tons of blankets and wrapped me up for the remainder of the flight. Dad said that one of the attendants took me for a min so dad could clean the poop off his business suit. Hahaha. Don’t know why he didn’t change me. He can’t remember some details but the ones that he does are hilarious!!!

Once. MYR-LGA on NKS. What I did notice though was I was less sick 32,000 feet up, actually feeling like a new person.

I was very close to throwing up on a Ryanair flight from SZG to STN a few years ago.
Not the best memories I have from onboard a plane.

Yes, I got sick when I was on a China Airlines flight. Back then, China Airlines’ safety was terrible. When I flew on their A340’s, I had to throw up during descent. Also, the descent nearly made my ears explode, and it nearly made me pass out. After my family and I disembarked, they had to throw up in the restroom. China Airlines was horrible back then. Since China Airlines received their 77W, I might fly on it one day and I hope their safety has improved.

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That is literally the worst time to feel sick, I feel so sorry for you! Could you possibly have airsickness? That could be why you get so sick on aircraft, though I’m not sure what the symptoms are of airsickness.

I’ve never felt sick on a commercial flight before. I’ve felt bad while flying privately, but I’ve never puked after flying.

I sometimes get a headache during flights, maybe because I didn’t eat well.

I haven’t been super sick, but about 2 years ago, I flew to LAX and had a cold, and about 3 years ago, I flew to MCO and had a worse cold. That time I could barely hear the whole week I was there! Don’t fly with a cold ;)

Strange… I have the same exact story as you…

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Nope never weirdly enough considering how much time i spend on them

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