Have you ever been scared when flying?

I haven’t been scared until yesterday we were landing in some extreme winds on Ryanair and the most scary part for me was just that it was Ryanair in some big turbulence/ wind. We had to go around because of it. I was also thinking about how we have been flying for over 5 hours and that our 737-800 probably doesn’t have much fuel left for multiple go arounds and it would probably be a hard landing. He actually buttered it and a few drunk guys behind us were yelling the whole time I’m just glad I was safe and I didn’t break my back. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
Also I will probably upload the video to YouTube soon!


I like that photo.
I always get fun through flights, I never get scared of them.
Have a Good day.

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Only once. Whilst flying from Japan to Singapore, we flew past an Erupting Volcano, we were in no imminent danger, but still a shock to be enjoying your meal and movie, and then to look over and bada bing an eruption.


I do never scare.

  1. The most secure transportation way is aviation.

  2. There are two options:
    a) I/you will be safe: %99.999999998
    b) R.I.P.: %0.000000001

  3. If you are still alive, imagine the turbulence as a roller coaster.

  4. Be sure that pilots are experienced enough. They already have worked those situations. Trust them.

  5. Enjoy your flight. I would like to experience your flight.

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@CK777 True facts:

  • Statistically, your chances of being in a plane crash are 1 in 1,000,000.

  • Your chances of dying in a plane crash are 1 in 1,000,000,000.
    I use to be terrified of flying (especially on my first flight), since then I have loved aviation for many years and seen every single episode of aircraft investigation and I have no fear of flying or heights at all (even when doing advanced stalling in training).


Even though I’m an Avgeek, sometimes I’m pretty nervous when we started boarding, once my plane is airborne then I would feel relieved.

Like yesterday when I took an Indonesia AirAsia’s A320 (PK-AXX), while taxiing there were weird sounds from either the flaps or the gear, then suddenly the pilots increased the engine thrust abit, and the lights were turned off for 2 mins before suddenly it came back

Maybe I was too paranoid but when these things happen, I wouldn’t feel good and I would feel the same way with those non-Avgeeks (and scared of flying). As soon as we were airborne, I felt relieved. In the end, we arrived in Singapore safe and sound gladfully


Was slightly scared once because soon as we took off the aircraft felt like it dropped. Which was very interesting and never felt before and everyone in the cabin screamed!.

Was also once in an emergency landing when I was younger and because i didn’t know exactly what was happening I was chill!😎

Also @George o my god… not just only me then. Like I’m an Avgeek and also get nervous till we airborne. I think because I’m a huge Avgeek and if I hear little things which I’ve not heard before I get a bit nearvous and etc. but if I was in the cockpit I would be chill because I know exactly what’s happening! Not a fan being a passengers and not sure what is really going on…

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Only when my plane was landing. The 787 was at 109kts which scared me.

Wow, 5 hours on Ryanair Sun… Hard to do for some people lol, I once flew an old Ryanair plane (10yrs) for almost 4 hours and it was getting so uncomfortable for me to sit. It was so dirty inside the cabin and on the floor.

I remember once I was in a Wizz Air A321 and Ive never heard an engine roar before. When the pilots applied TO/GA power I got so scared and I was literally holding the seat the entire time haha.


I was scared one day taking off From Frankfurt on a crj-1000 air nostrum. We did a Rolling take off but i think that while we were taxiing into the runway we thrusted i think almost full power and we were a bit fast to turn and the plane almost overturned on the runway, we took off. On the landing in barcelona, while taxiing to the parking the pilot activated the brakes full and all people almost hit the seat infront. We were a bit delayed and the pilot tryed to get in time. Also inflight was a but turbulent

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Twice. One was on a Singapore Airlines B744 (SIN-SYD) where we had a small fire onboard while over Western Australia, which woke me and everyone else up. Was dealt with quickly, but thereafter I was wide awake (despite 1 hour’s sleep in the last 36). The other was a bounce from one gear to the other and back again before a go-around was initiated while landing at Monastir on a windy day in a Britannia Airways 767.

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Yah, since QZ8501 accident (Minor accident, but could end up in catastrophe). I’ll be scared to death if we have problems with the plane (But I’m not scared with turbulences tho)

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I get scared every time when I fly as the pilot but as soon as I start taxiing I’m fine.

The A340 makes some weird noises while taxiing/before pushback, also one time i was on an Emirates 77W to Dubai and it seemed like the plane was stalling on final, everyone on board screamed as the plane pitched down and that was probably the only time I was scared on a plane haha

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