Have you ever been on an airport tour?

Told you, that hour is quite bad if you want to see traffic ;)

This isn’t aircraft but me and my mum accidentally went though some gates and out onto a open railway yard, there was a guy just watching us like “ummm I think that is illegal”. We got out as soon as we saw some trains without fences next to them.

Im going to make an airport tour of the new Berlin Airport soon

Around 2014 when I didn’t have my phone. SkyWest offered for kids of SkyWest workers to go on a tour of LAX. There was still a CRJ that we went into that still had the SkyWest livery.

I had one at Munich earlier this year. Was fantastic despite I had a non-aviation interested and terribly loud birthday party group of ten-year olds directly behind me.

We drove across the entire airport aprons were directly next to or below planes.

You can’t put “Berlin Airport” and “soon” into the same sentence :P

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Is that a joke?

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What airport

I went on a your of the Vulcan bomber once

It was at KMLI.

I went on an extensive tour of Zurich, Chicago ORD, Houston IAH, San Francisco, Munich, New York JFK, and many more.

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