Have you ever been on an airport tour?

Hey all! Have any of you been on an airport tour? If so, share your experiences below!
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I took a tour in 2010 at the Massport Fire and Rescue Headquarters at Logan and it was a really good experience. I was able to learn how the fire trucks work during times of airplane emergencies. I met some firefighters and got to plane spot from inside of course. One of the firefighters gave me an American 707 model plane as a souvenir. I had pictures on an old cellphone but sadly lost it. It was also really cool because Air Force One was at Logan that day but I couldn’t see it any closer due for security reasons. I got a picture of it as I was leaving the headquarters, though. This was my first airport tour. I wish I could go on an entire tarmac tour of Logan but I’m sure how to ask for that.

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I went to the Copa’s maintenance hangar, the control tower, the ramps, the cargo area and some other parts of the PTY airport…well that was like 6 years ago. My dad used to work at Copa so I had that “VIP access” for a while and some airport workers gave me tours to those places, my dad sometimes had to go to the airport to supervise the booking system at the airport and some random servers of Copa in all their destinations.

I wished to take photos, but I didn’t had a camera 😩 Well this is a recent photo of the airport’s north pier, I took it last year in December, a relative came to Panama for vacations and Christmas so we pick him up at the airport and while existing I took it:

Days ago I tried to take a photo of a Cubana TU-204 that was about to take off from the runway 03L (which is next to the north pier) but the car was moving fast 😑😑

Wow, lucky you! My friend took a tour of the Logan’s control tower in July. I was so jealous of him!

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I would love to. I don’t think Sydney Airport offers tours anymore. But I’ve previously watched a video of one:

I got a tour of the control tower at my local airport this year, and it was AWESOME!!! Not my picture btw. :)


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I haven’t yet 😆

Had a job interview at KMIA this week. I got to view a bit of the ramp but mostly the baggage conveyor belt system and I was told not to take any pictures or videos and to stay together with the group leader.

I went on one for a school excursion in year 2. Pretty cool. We drove around on runways and taxiways.

I took a tour through the Boeing factorie and Lanseria international airport in South Africa and O.R Tambo’s control tour!

Nope but I would like to

Yes, at Valencia Airport. I entered the Airport with a friend that works inside and she showed me the whole Airport, I touched a UPS B767, I parked 4 planes with the signalman, I flew a Harris hawk between the taxiway and the runway 12, while pilots were waving me haha. I made a runway revision with traffic on final and the tower telling us to leave the runway immediately, and I was inside of an Iberia A300.

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Oh forgot to say that one year later I visited the tower, I was speaking with the controllers for hours while they were controlling

Was that still Valencia airport. I’ve been there it is very quiet

When have you been there?

About a month ago. Flying in with BA and out with Easyjet both times we were the only flight there

I dot a paltform tour at Düsseldorf and Frankfurt, thats so awsome

Yah British Airways comes in an hour with no traffic. At that hour you can see Royal Air Maroc, KLM and some Ryanair parked there, you probably arrived before those flights. At the morning and at night is quite busy, is just that between 15h-16h there is no traffic. At what hour did you take the easyJet flight?

We went back at 15:00 I thibk