Have you ever been on a Qatar 777-300ER or 787? Economy?

I will fly these planes to Amman in 1 July
Any ideas about these two planes?
Do they have a tail view on the IFE

My dad went on the OneWorld 77W from JFK to Doha, he said first class was absolutely amazing! He also got me a 1:200 QR A388 ;)

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Economy class review for the 777: http://www.traveller.com.au/flight-test-qatar-airways-economy-class-hn2w

There are many reviews on Skytrax, its worth taking a look.

I’ve never flown with QR, but I can tell you that neither the B77W nor the B788 have tail cameras.

The 77W has two cameras on each side of the elevator.

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True, but they can be viewed by the pilots only.


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