Have you ever been in a plane that has had an emergency or mechanical issue

  1. I was on an Air France A330-200, CDG-ORD and as we were taxiing for takeoff, on of the computers failed and they had to install a new one and we were delayed.

  2. I was flying a Cessna 152 for flight lessons. We put down full flaps for slow flight. When we went to bring them up, they didn’t so we just did 70kts all the way to the airport.

I flew a F9 A320 and we were delayed because there was an IRS alignment failure

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oh yeah, two flights. one, i was piloting a Cessna 182 from ATL TO BOS, IFR. lost electrical at 11,000 and had to divert. Only, there were no guidances, no ATC. Had to let myself down out of the clouds, emerging at 3,000, and then dead reckon to an airport. Ripped generator belt.

The other time was in a 172, out of Palm Springs to Santa Monica. VFR out of PSP and as soon as we entered Banning Pass, a rain storm brewed up from nowhere. Had my charts, but could not raise ATC.!Went to 121.5 and declared an emergency, and could not get a clearance because we were too low to be seen on radar. I volunteered to be responsible for my own terrain avoidance and got a clearance to 6,000 direct Paradise VOR.

It was heavy heavy rain and moderate to severe turbulence all the way to LA. It sounded like going though a car wash at 150mph! instruments the whole way. Then we busted out into the clear over downtown.

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