Have you ever been in a plane that has had an emergency or mechanical issue

I was on an American carrier, a 737-700, that lost both generators because part of the interior cabin came loose and cut the wires. The flight lost all heat, lights, and intercom, all comm and instruments in the cockpit, and the pilots nursed it over a mountain range where we were so close to the hillsides I could see the face of someone driving a pickup.

We came into KEUG, the tower used light signals to clear the jet to land and the pilot set it down sooooo gently. The flight attendant was screaming “ out your head between your legs and grab your ankles.

The president of the airline called me the following day. He explained that he had never seen that type of failure in his entire career.

It was CLOSE.


My mom had told me when I was about 5 we were flying from MFR-LAX
And we were stalling (her words) and she already had fears of flying, so she was nervous. I guess it was really quiet because the whole cabin hears me go “you can hold my hand if you’re scared mommy” and everyone awwed. So I got to go inside the cockpit Apparently I didn’t care that I got to go in the cockpit and she said I was ungrateful (i feel bad now

I have been on a several private jets, Hawker’s to be exact, during test flights. One was an APU seal that blew and filled the cabin with smoke. Another was a nose gear issue where it was not indicating locked.
The last was gear failure where it had to be manually pumped from cockpit to lower the gear.

I don’t think this counts I think I got to a point where the pilot declared a “Pan Pan Pan” anyways. We were flying from Phoenix back to Chicago and all of the sudden the plane lost a bunch of altitude and we had to divert.

Isn’t a medical emergency, but I was flying San Francisco to Chicago on the United 772 in Business Class. We began taxiing and could hear the crew members whispering about a drunk passenger in Economy who was arguing with the cabin crew. We made a U-turn shortly after and returned to the gate. They weren’t technically allowed to tell us about the drunk passenger, but we talked to the lead flight attendant and we asked him if that was the reason. He confirmed it was and we departed around 40 minutes late around 12:00 a.m.

Arrived exactly on time though to the minute!

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Had an alternator failure once climbing out of an class C airport. Luckily we just had to reset it and was on our marry way

Not me but my dad has.
He was flying with Norwegian and the tire(s) exploded while landing…

I’ve had the most anything delay due to a landing gear problem. Long story short I woke up at 5:30 for a 7:30 flight and didn’t leave till noon.

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I was flying from SFO to EWR and shortly after takeoff the engine failed and we had to turn back and land.

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On my flight from EWR-AUS, we were supposed to go on Lone Star one (😆), but it had a engine problem so we got switched to a different gate. Delayed for 8 hours. That sucked. Also, en route to South Africa on Qatar through Doha, we drove 3 hours up to Dallas and got sent BACK home and missed our flight that day and shaved off a day if vacation ;( Bcs we didn’t have birth certificates, which were apparently necessary for travel to Africa. Of course, our birth certificates were back in Georgetown at our house, three hours away. The next day however, we brought them and boarded successfully and flew to Doha and later Cape Town. I was crushed when we got sent back tho. That 3 hour drive home was bad. So sad.


Yeah, once, I was flying in a Delta 767 from Orlando to Minneapolis and a passenger had 3 seizures, so we were forced to land in Des Moines.


There have been moments where I thought the plane was falling apart mid-air (but that was only because I watched too many air crash investigation episodes) the closest I’ve come to this sort of situation was when an Etihad flight to Abu Dhabi from Manchester was delayed due to an issue within the landing gear although I’ve never come across an issue in-flight

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We were on a flight from Dubai to London and the plane stalled midair due to an auto throttle issue

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Flying Nelson to Auckland when I threw up twice, and had a fever. Landed at Auckland and I was escorted off the plane by a couple paramedics. The original thought was that it was food poisoning. Nope, my appendix had ruptured.

It was either continue to Auckland or divert. As I was sitting in the back I had both FA’s there. And they were talking with the front I could hear then discussing options for diversion or landing.

So that was fun


I could see that being fun… but weren’t you in pain?

I couldnt feel the pain. But I felt it at the hospital while I was being rushed there

Then that was probably fun😂

I flew from Vienna to Gatwick at Easter, and we had to return to the gate for a passenger to be removed by police as she attacked a gate agent when getting on the plane

When I was coming home from Orlando there was a bird strike on departure and the person sat on the same row as me was terrified of flying and she started having rlly bad panic attacks. So when we landed she had to be checked by paramedics

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I was flying on a United 777-200ER and we aborted takeoff because, apparently, a door was open

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