Have you ever been in a plane that has had an emergency or mechanical issue

Hey IFC, just wondering have you ever been on a plane that has had a emergency or mechanical problem that caused you to have a emergency landing? Personally, I’m not sure what airline but a long time ago we took off and had a engine problem and had to land again.


I’ve only had one medical emergency. I believe the pax was having respiratory issues and was escorted off the plane while boarding.
Now I’ve had tons of mechanical issues and they’ve all sucked for the most part. I’ve had a 9hr delay on a 13 hr flight to Japan due to AC issues. Also had a decent 4hr delay from PHX to CLT due to engine issues. Other than those, most have been less then 2hrs but were pretty annoying


Wow some of the medical issues on planes can be really bad… Do you know if the person was ok after?

Don’t know unfortunately. Most of us had already boarded when this occurred. We left shortly after

I hate delays man… luckily I haven’t faced any delays to this date and I hope I don’t they sound horrible 😩

Once on Cathay me and my family were flying from LAX-HKG and a passenger was having a mild heart issue. We almost had to divert to Tokyo but we landed safely in HKG. Don’t remember if anyone helped him or what. Seems to me like Cathay has a bunch of medical emergency situations. 🤷🏾‍♂️

Interesting, it was probably scary…

For me, there was once when we had to turn around 2h into the flight back to Singapore. They didn’t mention what exactly it was but just mentioned that there was a mechanical issue. We got onto a replacement aircraft right after we land and got a free bottle of water as well as a burger from Changi.

I believe it wasn’t a major issue since the captain determined that it to be safe enough for us to return to base rather than to divert.


One time on our flight we landed and the crew thought that someone had a disease on board so they got those guys with the yellow biohazard suits on the plane 😂


That is probably very annoying… I have delays but mechanical are a different story…

My first diversion due to a mechanic problem was about 5-6 years ago.
I was flying on AA from DFW to LAX on an MD-80, and due to I believe… an AC problem or something, they had to fly at a much lower altitude which consumed a lot more fuel, requiring a scheduled diversion to ABQ on the way.

This past December there was a medical emergency that required a doctor on my flight from Auckland to Los Angeles on AA.

And, just 2 weeks ago, there was a medical emergency on my flight from DFW-LAX on an AA 737-800. The crew handled the situation fine. I don’t think it was too significant.

My worst delay was HKG-DFW on AA126 77W this past June. This was the time when the AA mechanics lawsuit was getting really heated which resulted in many delays.
The inbound plane from LAX was delayed for 15 hours, which led to our flight being delayed 16 hours.
So, we had to wait from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. the next morning.


Yeah a 5h delay because due to the return leg and the 1h waiting for the replacement aircraft to be refueled and for the baggage to be move over

Wow you have experienced a lot😂

Surprisingly, I’m still waiting on a weather divert, lol.

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Well yes, I was in a plane with a medical emergency, but we did not need to divert. We (my family) were flying from LHR to ATL on a 764. Somebody, around midflight, had a heart attack. They called all the doctors onboard, etc. and when we landed there was two ambulances and a fire truck beside the gate. But, he was okay, in fact appearing very happy and laughing, saying “Don’t worry guys, I’m okay!” and stuff like that. He still went to the hospital to be checked out. That’s all and I hope I won’t have to experience a delay. knock on wood

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Also, is it just me or does it seem like there’s always some sort of person that has studied in a medical field on every flight?

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On my flight to LAX around July 2nd a passenger had a medical emergency about midway through the flight, however we continued to LAX. Nothing strange after that except we got landing clearance for 24L.

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A good place to look is the aviation herald.

This didn’t happen to me but my dad has been on a 737 with an engine fire

and yes I’m the person you were talking to before about my issue with auto pilot XD

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Yep! Had a governor fail on me which is a land immediately situation