Have you ever been in a crosswind landing

Have you ever been in a crosswind landing I have only ever been in one at KMSP I was one a 737 landing during a thunderstorm the plane bumped around a lot and after the landing we had to wait for the airport to reopen again

Yes quite a few actually. I was brought up in the north east of England where it was very windy. I remember some hairy approaches into Newcastle Airport. 🙈


One of the passengers said that the plane crashed right after touchdown while in my head I thought the pilot was going to abort the landing and try again or divert

Uhhh yeah. Almost everytime I fly

Once or twice if I can remember! :D

The wind is very rarely ‘down the strip’ in real life!


once approaching LPA it was an huge thunderstorm near the airport.

Landed at Birmingham Airport (UK) with crosswind in a Emirates a380. I knew it was crosswind to due to us angling towards the right a bit which could be seen through the tail camera. Landing was perfect and smooth though as always.

Most of my landings are in a crosswind but I know the worst one, it was when I could see the runway from a window seat.

Took a 150 out for circuits and the crosswind component was 12 kts, smack on the aircraft’s crosswind limit. Made some fun approaches, but had plenty of tarmac to play with at EGBE.

I was in an exciting one at KBOS on Feb 8th. The winds at BOS were 280@24G37-naturally I figured we’d be landing on runway 27-as I checked FR24 via the WiFi inflight most A/C were going to 27. We came in on the ILS 33L (Our pilot apparently was thinking “hmmm-it’s a shorter taxi to the gate from 33L… hold my beer” lol) We were absolutely dancing down the glideslope-i could feel the gusts and see the wing yawing into the wind, bouncing up and down as we approached 33L right down to the absolute smoothest landing I’ve had. It was unreal skill-particularly the de-crab at the end-I could feel the nose come over and see out the forward windows as we were in the flare. I enjoyed it quite a bit! My wife (who is NOT an avgeek) on the other hand thought we were going to die… I have a video of it with “avgeek narration” if you will. I’ll upload it and edit this post with a link for everyone if you’d like. Please just @ me below if you want a link.

When I went on my school trip to Italy, our landing into Naples Capodichino was very windy

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I landed crosswind at Boston once. It was awesome! Though, the people who had no clue that crosswinds were safe were screaming

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Was landing in KSJC from MMMX and dang, it was hella stormy at San Jose and we bumped really hard.

Ryanair Landing Intensifies

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Ever since Boston got a new mayor, he changed the building code laws allowing more skyscrapers to be built. The skyline is very quickly changing and starting to look like New York. This resulted in KBOS changing all of their STARS and SIDS last year Witch put more restrictions on top of the other ones they already had on which runways aircraft can take off from and land. Crosswind take offs and landings in Boston are now very common. I listen to the control tower and approach when I’m sitting at my desk at work. It amazes me how many aircraft will request a runway and ATC will respond not available to restrictions.


The STAR’s and SID’s haven’t really changed much at all. That’s because the RNAV stuff has always been based off the headings from the original Logan 1 (EG depart 22R/L Fly HDG 140° as soon as practicable) which was designed back in the 70’s by residents groups, pilots and Massport (my grandmother was part of that)

What drives me nuts is that people land on 09 and 14 and depart 32 in IF-that’s not a thing lol.

They changed a bit for noise in 2013:

Many times, especially coming into 31 at KLGA.

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