Have you done something special in a plane?

I’ve recently seen a video on YouTube where a young pilot asked his girlfriend out to prom in a plane and since Valentine’s day is coming up I figured it was a good time to ask the community.

Have any of you guys asked someone out in a plane or have been involved with someone who’s done this? Have you done something similar with any kind of announcement?

Let’s hear your stories down below! Happy Valentine’s day!
Greasy landings,

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That title really got me then. 😜.

The answer is no.


Clickbait! Mark would be proud.


Does taking my now ex-girlfriend flying to go eat at the local Class C diner count?

Sure why not 😉

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I’ve taken my GF flying a few times even though she much rather stay in the ground and watch me. I’ve helped wth a prom proposal

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I’ve been dating some one for a few years now, plan is to rent one of our company helicopters and propose to her real soon.


That would be really cool! I hope everything works out for that.


Thank you, I hope so too… The helicopter is kinda expensive so…


I did that(Piper sport) with my now wife 5 years ago. No was not an option and we both knew that. Ha

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If you count taking a nap, then yes :)

Ask captain for sitting here ! lol


I have done the most special thing!!!

Hey, I have done the most special thing in a flight, I boarded, seated enjoyed and de boarded at destination airport. Anyone else have done anything special than me🙄😒😂😂

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You guys are all comedians! It was a serious question and I appreciate those who took it seriously.

Her name wasn’t special, but it was memorable.

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Please explain.

You’ll need a signed permission slip first.


If you have nothing constructive to add please don’t say it at all.

I saw that video! When I get my liscense I’m definetly doing that.

Nothing like that, but I did screw up my first ever radio call. Rip T_T

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