Have you been in a mid air collision in IF?

Everyone is saying a Casual server. Well, I had an inexperienced fighter pilot come up to me in an F-22 on the expert server. He tried to escort me but then he turned into my engine. Now for fun, I shut that engine off and aborted to an airport. Another time on expert server Not a mid-air collision but its close I was flying for DLVA and I was departing out of KATL and someone in a Cessna was flying at like 50 knots stalled right on to me. Well, that’s all I have to say. Both stories were on Expert.

I remember that, boy was it chaos.


I was a 1000ft under another md11 doing the same overnight long haul once.


Why was there 1,000 feet separation when you guys were flying almost the same heading.

Refer to this chart for cruise altitudes in the future!


I remember one time I was flying from KSFO to NZAA At FL360 and someone who was flying the exact same route at the exact same altitude at the exact same heading along with the exact same aircraft airline and livery flew through me at the halfway point in the flight although I don’t remember what server it was but it was pretty spooky

Nope thanks to the IF TCAS and being a GAF pilot I know how to fly a fighter jet.

About at 24.000 ft, collided with a British Airways 787. I was a Vueling A320.

Havent been in one, but close to one. Was going around for 27L at EGLL and I was at least 2-3nm away from the closest aircraft. I was going just fast enough to get out of his way though, so no problem there.

I collide with a Cathay350 when approaching 25R at VHHH. I was a Fedex777f starting my flight from VHXX–VHHH. I dived and hit the sea while he tries to climb and stalled right after the collision.

When i started my flight this guy was like 300nm ahead of me and i didn’t think I’d catch up, we were both probably asleep when it happened.

Not a lot of replies anymore…

That’s because pilots try not to have mid air collisions on Infinite Flight 😜

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Just had 2 trying to land and get back out of Zurich.

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