Have you been in a mid air collision in IF?

If you can, tell me what your plane was and the other plane.

In casual server, I was departing from KLAX runway 25R in a 747-400. Right after I took off, A TBM came in at ~200 knots and went right through my cockpit.

I suggest you rename this topic to “Have you flown in Casual Server” 😂 Almost every time I’m at a busy airport on casual this happens


I took off in an A350 and an F22 flies in front of me and clips my cockpit with his wing.

Never happened to me, however I once had to make a quick emergency descent to avoid an A380-800 when cruising above Dubai.

I one time had a collision at 38,000ft with an a321.

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The max altitude is 410

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Whenever I attempt to fly on casual, I have an aircraft collision of some sort.

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No. Other people have had midair collisions with me.

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well, I was approaching EGLL From Perth in a Qantas 787 and this is expert btw Im at 12k Feet and so This ANA 787 in at 12K feet too I dont want to get ghosted so I stay my course and Im getting worried because 10nm Are closing fast and so When the 787 is 1nm away I take control and I weave the 787 I got alerted by ATC But since I always display my name he contacted me via the form and apologized dont remember who the ATC Was. so thats my story not really a collision but a super close encounter. Stay alert or get hurt


I’ve been taxied through enough times on Expert Server.

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so true. i remember accidently flying on CS when i thought it was ES(obviously wasn’t paying attention) and i had to abort take off so i would run into a E190. then he ran into me when i tried leaving the runway

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One just happened to me recently was landing at EHAM, and an A359 decided to fly on baseboard another runway and split right across my approach path. He ended up cutting off an A320 but he did a go around. Expert can be not so expert sometimes.

I suggest you change the category that this topic into #live.

Someone of the proper TL will change it if need be.
Flew on expert a long time ago, lined up on 27L at EGLL, and two planes behind me just taxied on grass and took off, and well i just stopped flying at that point. Expert is just casual with atc.

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In other words, have you flown to KLAX on Casual Server? 😂

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Hmm, 4 Words for you. Swiss Live Stream Event.


Oh yes, I remember that.

Ahhh…that event… yeah I try to forget about that event

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that actually hard to say, cause when i usually fly, i leave my phone and go to do some others stuff, but I’d say probably