Have y’all ever had a dream about Infinite Flight?

Hey I was just wondering if y’all ever dreamed about Infinite Flight? If you do feel free to say what your dream was. My dream last night is that there was a new update that all aircraft would have their own engine sound.


I sometimes do

Occasionally but usually I dismiss as I know whats in Infinite Flight and what isn’t…

I’ve had a dream one time when I was flying an overnight flight that my flight was over-speeding and I was getting a ton of violations. I woke up in a panic and sweat and checked my flight to realise that everything was fine and the aircraft was cruising as normal, haha.


Yes. I had an actual dream once i was in a casual server at LAX. Had to duck for cover because planes were flying everywhere 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Not going to lie…that’s a tad concerning…

That happens to me too almost every time I do a overnight flight, having a nightmare about it lol.

I’ve done that too! 😂

I’m glad I’m not the only one that has this happen

Dang, didn’t think IF was going to be giving so many people parasomnia. Only dreams I get in infinite flight are those of me greasing my landings (and the occasional one of me opening up my IFC to find a PM from DeerCrusher telling me that my airport editing application has been approved. Unfortunately I still wake up to no green dots next to my PFP 😝.)

I wish that IF will give the 777 some working flapaerons on all variants

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I actually did recently. A couple days ago I flew a flight into EWR with very gusty winds. I actually had to go around due to the wind shear, I had gains and losses of 10-15 knots. The landing was absolutely terrible…something in 300fpm range. Definitely a carrier landing for my 737-900 haha. Then later I ended up having a dream about flying the A340-600…and absolutely slamming the landing. First time dreaming of playing a simulator haha

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Everyday, even weekends, i have dreams and nightmares about EGLL-EHAM (El Classico) IF. Overspeeding or airport cannot accept me because airport is busy etc. 🎼

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Imagine if we were in the casual server world😂

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