Have Violations/System Ghostings Changed?

A few minutes ago I departed RAF Coningsby (EGXC) for a flight in the F-22. I decided to do a performance departure (like this). I have done this many times before on the Expert Server and never received any violations. I do sometimes recieve the warning message but I climb above 5000 feet before anything else happens.

This time, I lifted off the ground and pitched straight up as I normally would. I also received an aerobatics warning as expected. A couple of seconds later I was approaching 5000 feet. I rolled 90 degrees left and pulled back hard to level off heading south before rolling upright. As I was doing this, a notice appeared which said I had been ghosted for aerobatics. I dismissed the notice and decided to land. I was unable to dismiss the aerobatics warning and it remained on my screen for the entirety of my flight. It is still on my screen now even after landing, parking and shutting down. Surely this isn’t normal?

The system said specifically that I had been ghosted. This was a surprise since I wasn’t even notified of any violations beforehand, and I can’t remember a time that I received anything more than the usual warning doing almost exactly the same thing.

Upon ending my flight I was informed that I had received 1 violation. This, combined with the fact that I could be seen by other players, indicates that I wasn’t actually ghosted despite being told so.

Would anyone be able to shed some light upon this?

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This has happened to me too, all of it. I have no idea.

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Original post is maybe a bit cluttered and difficult to understand so I’ll condense it down to this:

1: The system said I had been ghosted, even though I hadn’t been.

2: The aerobatics warning could not be dismissed and remained on my screen for the entire flight. It could only be removed by ending the flight.

I did receive one violation, but I’m not too concerned about it because it doesn’t affect me. It was however a bit of a surprise since I have done this many times before with no issues.

I believe that if you do aerobatics in an active airspace below 10k feet, it will say you were ghosted despite not being ghosted, and only receiving a violation. I think it has been this way for a while. As for the maneuver, you may have pitched or banked past 90 degrees, meaning that IF thought you were upside down (technically, you were). Maybe on some of your other attempts at that maneuver you didn’t go past 90 degrees pitch or bank.

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Ghosted is exactly what you became. Ghosts can see others, but can’t be seen :)

Not the same as reported.

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I asked someone else to spawn in and they were able to confirm that they could see me.

Also, I only received one violation. I thought you needed six before being ghosted.

Well, that’s interesting.

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This have however been changed due to some minor adjustments of the aerobatics as well as the runway idle violations.

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The initial warning also remained on my screen for the entire flight. I couldn’t get rid of it, even after landing, parking and shutting down.

Have the conditions for receiving aerobatics violations changed recently?

Nope. I had to double check :)

<5nm from nearest airport and <5000ft can give you a violation for aerobatics.
It’s a calculation based amount of G’s, pitch angle and bank angle.


Always remember you HASELL checks before you do any manouvres that aren’t standard ;)

@schyllberg, how long do you have to recover after receiving the violation before you’re ghosted, in that scenario?

That’s weird, I’ve also done that many times but never received a warning yet alone a “ghost”

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