Have to keep reinstalling app every flight

Hi sorry if this is in the wrong category I didn’t know if it should have been in general or support
After every flight I have to keep deleting and reinstalling the app because it keeps telling me can’t download the file size and keeps trying to re download every aircraft I fly with which I’ve already downloaded
My internet connection is perfect both wifi and on data, I’ve turned on the downloads over cellular data but still doesn’t seem to make any difference, I don’t mind reinstalling all the time but it’s just getting annoying with all my settings been put back to default every time

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@GoldFly try clearing your scenery chache. This should help or potentially fix it

@WingContact @Christian_Bancroft, clearing scenery cache will have little to no effect on the issue. If the OP has to reinstall the app then there would be no cache to delete in the first place. For more info please see:

@GoldFly this looks like a device storage issue. How much storage does your device have left? You can check this in the settings of your device.


You need to do

  1. Clear you sencery Chace

  2. Delete all your replays

  3. Try it again to see if it works

  4. If it still doesn’t then clear all un needed files in your gallery

Hi I have a iPhone 11x but no I haven’t cleared catche I’ll do that and see if it helps

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I have 180 gig of free storage

Okay, so it’s probably not to do with storage then. The “Could not get file size” error could then mean that something went wrong with the connection between you and the server after the download started, so let’s look at your internet connection.

Can you confirm you’ve tried to play Infinite Flight both on Celluar and WiFi? Please try to do a speed test of both networks and post the results. A good website to do a speed test is speedtest.net.