Have to have IFC account to fly on Expert

If this is a duplicate mods can close.
Hey IFC in the last few days I’ve seen horrible behavior on expert. I’ve gotten hit by a plane on the taxiway. Two planes going head on landing at the same runway. And 4/7 landings skid off the runway. I do not think all of these are someone’s fault but it would be nice if you could PM them to let them know what they did wrong. This would be like how IFATC must have an IFC account. This feature would not be to punish anyone. It would be to make learning experiences so hopefully expert server gets better. For example let’s say you just got to grade 3. You click on expert server and it says login or signup to IFC. Then you would login or sign up for the IFC so people could contact you. It would also help people find the #tutorials category so people would learn more about how to do thing in the sim.

Yes this would be great

If you read this post Mandatory IFC registration for use of the expert server only and read what Jason has said.

No from me. I guess almost half the IF users doesnt even use IFC, so i think its an unfair thing to implement.