Have the settings changed? Also need help


Just went into the settings to tone them down a bit and noticed 3 HIGH settings when i always only saw 2 HIGH, so I’m thinking that one of the top 3 is new. So which one?

Also i know it says under the setting what it does but could someone please tell me what each setting does in English and which is frame heavy etc… and basically what each one does as i actually have no clue and my iPad does heat up a bit when i play IF.

I don’t know where this topic belongs but I don’t think it should be in live. Should this go in general maybe?

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From what I’ve seen, texture quality only appears in the main screen (before you fly).

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If you are on the loading screen then you see three options. Once you have spawned in the game only 2 appear. As Lucas said, you can’t change Texture once you spawn.

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Ah ok thanks, now do you also know what each does/like what it effects?

  1. Rendering quality The quality of the aircrafts, and scenery loaded
  2. Rendering resolution This is the viewable resolution the above is presented as
  3. Texture quality Is the quality of the airport, and aircraft lines.

Thanks to @Brandon_Sandstrom for the explanation from another thread.

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Ah ok, Thanks a lot!

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