Have some question about Report

Recently, I practiced pattern in OERK, ATC let the plane in front take off, so I taxied forward, but after that, my iPad screen couldn’t click or slide (maybe it was broken), so I couldn’t brake, so ATC saw it and ghost me. I want to ask if this ghost can be withdrawn.
@Yaoring He was ATC at the time


As you cannot PM, @Yaoring will contact you as soon as possible.

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As this does happens, here is what you do!
Go to the controller that was controlling you at the time
Then message him, tell him what happened, then after that, if he says that you can get a reverse in the report, go and message at Moderator, ask for the reverse, and then boom!


Thanks for the response on their question. However, as a new user, they cannot pm anyone outside of staff and moderators. As stated above, the controller will contact them as soon as they are available.

@Yaoring you can message the OP yourself if you click on their profile 😊

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Continue in PM with controller.