Have some fun!

Hey guys,

I’m just here to say something quick. Please don’t take it the wrong way… I know we’re not all like this. Here it goes. Basically,

All y’all need to lighten up a little bit. Sometimes, we need to realize that this is a flight simulator, not a real plane.

Realism is super cool, and I try to use it all the time. But, you have to realize that you are flying a plane on an iPad. An iPad! You need to allow room for fun!

Anyway, I know we’re not all like this, so, please, don’t smack me upside the head 😂. Just… please, if someone wants to land on a cliff…


In a beautiful A380 😂

In case you appeared wondering, the point of this post is to make some stuff more fun on this forum. I see some topics where people show themselves doing aerobatic maneuvers in the XCub or the A380. I’m just here to tell y’all that that’s fine if a pilot wants to do that in Infinite Flight. I guess I just see too many people on this forum attacking other pilots because they did something unrealistic.

Happy landings,


Um, I really don’t understand what point you’re trying to tell us… to add fun into something…?

May I know what is the point of this post? You replied this in this thread which was closed:


He wants to point out we can still fool around and not be realistic, I guess?

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“Have some fun!” - alaska096

Already doing that.


Infinite Flight is a Simulator, which means it simulates real life… this isn’t an arcade game where you can add fun gimmicks into the game. It’s a simulator.


Yes, exactly. Thank you for reading!

But… you can if you want?

Like I said, we’re not all like this, I just wanted to show a different side to the game, that’s all.

Keep doing that! You’re doing great! 😂.

If you want to “fool around”, just do it somewhere else… I don’t get what your asking for… to add more fun to Infinite Flight? Infinite Flight is as fun as you can get, because it imitates real life.


I have edited my topic with the point of the post added. :)

The casual server is present for purposes of fooling around.

No need for this topic…


Yes, I was just saying that some people on this forum like to attack people because they did something unrealistic.

Ok I will give you my view. The expert server is where you have used the other servers and decided you want to simulate real life with procedures and have access to the elite IFATC. In doing this you are agreeing to fly with people who take the server seriously and know the risk of ghosting and violations.

If one wants to fool around they can go to the casual server where there are no reports or violations. That is where I did my Grand Canyon and Rocky Mountain race at top speed in a TBM. It is unrealistic but very fun and very strategic too. It is where I test aircraft out to see how to recover from a stall or see how well the aircraft does with high speed sharp turns.


I do not clearly remember anyone saying you cannot do that…


I was just thinking that I see way too many people attacking other pilots on this forum because they did something unrealistic.

Well, I was just thinking that I see way too many people attacking other pilots on this forum because they did something unrealistic.

Great post though! I agree with it.

Well, I don’t believe I’ve seen someone attack a pilot for doing unrealistic either, they maybe tell them how to do it the correct way or something else, but nobody attacks each other in this community.

I was giving a tip. I mean what would have happened if a mod or someone from IFATC saw someone trying to taxi up a cliff? That is all. The last thing I want is someone to receive violations or a report.

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He is just saying have some fun and take a day off from flying with atc and just relax and fly around like crazy in casual sever and enjoy and laughs

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