Have some Approach controller questions

Ok, I did not know this. I just jumped on at KSEA as Approach controller and found I could get aircraft to follow published IFR procedures!!! I feel like I just went to IF heaven :)

And of course, I now have some questions and requests :)

Certain waypoints require specific speeds, how do I assign the required speeds? What I did during my last session was instruct the pilots their to slowest speed and when they met the required speeds I would ask them them to maintain their current speed. Seemed to work for now, but I should be able to assign speed the same way I can heading and altitude.

Also some pilots were descending way to fast. I was giving vectors requiring a VS-1000 descent between waypoints, yet some must have been descending at -2500. is there a way communicate distances to the next vector/waypoint so they can calculate it themselves?

I can’t see the waypoints over land. It is only because I know from experience where the key waypoints (with their assigned names, altitude and speeds), are located that I could instruct aircraft to follow the IFR. Is there a way to make them more visible?

Also, just ran into an issue when unknowing to me another Approach controller joined. Would it be possible that the controllers already on can get a notification when another controller joins. It caused a bit of confusion earlier.


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Request speed => maintain speed => <>=250 knots- send

I don’t know about VS their isn’t an option either
I descend at -2000 …

Don’t know , you see them they are a bit faint

There’s a notification "type of this freq has already been selected "but he/she can ignore it.

//IFFG - Dushyanth


@Thomas_Hense For future reference, I think that it would be better to put this in the ATC section. You are more likely to get an answer there.

//Junior Air Traffic Controller

Saw the category today, but I did not see it yesterday?

Thanks Dushyanth, I just found the “Request speed => maintain speed => <>=250 knots- send”. For some reason, with everything going on I mistook it as simply “Maintain speed” as in current speed and did not click further.

I also see the frequency.

Both pretty obvious now that I see it, feeling a bit embarrassed :blush:

Thanks for the replies.

Its okay. Easy Mistake. :smiley:

@Thomas_Hense If you don’t see the send button to the right of the command , there’s something to explore in it.

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Thanks for that tip :smile:

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