Have no cockpit in the 787-9

I spawned in the 787-9 with the KLM livery but i wanted to look in the cockpit, but it wasnt there:
IF version: the latest version with the hotfix
Android: 6.0
Device: Huawei P8 Lite


That’s very weird. Try resetting your device.

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Your probably zoomed in … Try double tapping the screen.

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I made a video of it:

No, already restarted it, but thi i a big probelem

That is so weird, you should ask Laura

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How can i ask it her?

PM her, I’m afraid to tag her so just search “Laura”, go to her profile, and press the message button.

Thanks, i will pm her

Did you double tap it?


Yea i did, look at the video i made and posted

Have you tried to hard reset your phone?

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Yea, i already restarted my phote twice

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