Have new 20.2 codes come out?

I was looking through the open beta page and instead of saying (for IOS) the codes are full, it said

What does this mean and is it possible for me to become an open beta user?

I missed the first set of codes so that’s why I’m asking


Yes, however it is caped I think

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Okay. so what do I do to get the code? I thought I would have to sign up but do I just open the testflight app on the device I play IF on?

When I said Caped, that means we have reached the maximum number amount of users with Beta, unfortunately this means that you will not be able to get it

Yes! It is always possible for you to become a beta tester during this time. The cap may be changing daily, so your odds change every day! If I were you, I would download the testflight app and try out the link every day.

To see if you are eligible click this link below on the device you want to play on and select “Open testflight” Here is the link:

Happy testing, Liam!

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Great! I’m currently flying and don’t want to quit the flight for the open beta at the moment so when I’m done with that flight, I will open the link on my device and hopefully, there will still be spots! :)

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Earlier it was open again. So not sure if it’s still open or what. That was around 1500Z (~8hrs ago)

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Yea so essentially how Apple Testflight works, is Developers can allow there apps beta on TestFlight, so that they can play test the app with a wider test area then just them or their team. However there is a cap, that Im not sure if its an Apple set or Developer set cap but there is a cap none the less. To use the beta you must install the Testflight app from the App Store and find a Testflight link that the dev would share, you then click on the link on your IOS/TVOs/WatchOS device and you sell your soul to the devil (Terms and Conditions), and in the app it will list all the beta’s you have signed up for, you can then tap install and the Beta is installed for you to see on your home screen/App Library (IOS 14)

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Please check out the #blog post related to this.


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