Have individual runway assignments for controllers

Honestly, Matt’s correct here. Many IFATC Controllers have experienced or atleast tried experiencing dual tower controlling. If you’re lucky, you’ll have majority of pilots know who to contact and when. Even though it’s imputed onto the ATIS, I still have many pilots contacting the wrong tower. This same thing has been said above.

KLAS has 2 tower’s, one for east (26 Arrivals + Departures) and one for West (01, 08, 19 Arrivals + Departures). And adding onto what Shane said, dual tower frequencies is rarely ever brought up. Most IFATC controllers are trained to control heavy amounts of traffic (with other frequencies like ground, approach, departure open by another controller). If you’re not able, we always convince controllers to open up the secondary hub or another smaller airspace to eventually gain up your skills with more and more traffic.


Good points! Minor correction, strictly speaking:

08/26 are actually on the same frequency (source LiveATC and AirNav):

118.75 ;RWY 01L/19R, 01R/19L // 119.9 ;RWY 08L/26R, 08R/26L

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There’s been a few times then when I heard the west tower controlling 08 departures before. They possibly shift depending on the time.

That’s interesting… I bet that’s when there is controller overlap on the positions. You’ll notice at airfields where a controller is active on multiple frequencies that he transmits to all his frequencies (e.g. pilot calls on Ground, controller’s reply is heard on both Ground and Tower). That may be the case if you’re hearing 08 on the other tower (personally I listen to the combined feed on LiveATC) because 08 is definitely supposed to be on 08/26 freq. After all, they are the same runway.

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My home airport KSTL has four runways. One controller runs all of it. And even at airports at LAX IRL. They just do north and south tower, not one for landing and takeoff.

Shouldn’t this be a #features topic?

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I agree, i have never heard of “runway assignments”. A controller where I live, there is a Tower controller and then someone else for Ground.

If you read up above, we have shared some examples already of US airports which have different frequencies for certain runways.

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