Have flights on solo affect live grade

I am sure there are a few people out there who wish they could keep their grade up, even though they don’t have pro. I think that there should be a way that when you fly on solo, your landings will still count, and can be used to maintain your grade.
For example: Say you are grade 4, and you can’t get a sub for 3 months, but you still fly on solo to keep your skills up. When you re-sub you have lost grade progress all the way to grade 2, when all the landings you did on solo would have easily maintained grade 4 status. So when you re-sub, you will have the grade you maintained while flying on solo, and not grade 2.

any suggestions on re-wording, let me know

I do not think they will implement this, as the one of the reasons they added grades, is so people can continue to raise their grade, which makes them want to renew their subscription every month.

I highly doubt the IF dev team would implement this.

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In my opinion the grade does not matter in Solo mode. I get what you are saying. Sometimes it could be a little more useful for a Monthly subscription. But I am not sure about that. Solo is solo.

The Grade is earned while flying and communicating with others. It would make more sense that way, I guess.
Also agree with @Niccckk

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Let’s see, global flight, requires sub, more planes, requires sub, online flight, requires sub. The grade is not the only thing about the sub. I am just saying this so that way pilots with higher grades don’t have to grind to get their grade back once they re-sub

Your right, grade doesn’t matter for solo flight, it does for live, I’m requesting this to remove the grind after you re-sub.

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I understand what your trying to say, but like other people say:

Not having a subscription is like a pilot being on leave.
If you don’t fly for a while, your grade would continue to go down. A pilot can’t go on leave for 1 year, but then come back after a year.

Well, I don’t know about this. Creative idea, but couldn’t you just spam “short final” for landings?

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Very true point.

You could easily implement a feature that cancels all landings after a short final press, or there could be an option that removes the short final button that will then count landings.

If they don’t fly on solo while they don’t have the sub, their grade will go down, however, if they do fly on solo while they don’t have a sub, their grade will be maintained.

Well, that could completely defeat the purpose of online. If you could be able to earn landings and XP by playing on Solo, people would unsub from IF pro, and only grind on Solo.

It would be a lose for Infinite Flight as they would be loosing revenue that is mainly coming from IF Pro.

Once again, pro gives access to global flight, more planes, and online flying, grade is not the only point to having a sub.