Have anyone experience ghosting threats?

I was flying in a Cessna 172 N478CA over HE37 and ask for the ils approach to HEAZ and was told to turn left on a heading of 160, climb and maintain 5000. So I did that and yet they threaten me that they will report me if I don’t follow instructions.
I feel like many of the lvl 3 IATC need some more training or at least know how the Real life atc work.

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If they tell you PFI and you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask the controller. He’ll help you understand

Was this on expert or training?

Only expert controllers can send such command, so expert

You can’t be threatened to be ghosted on training.
Your controller is most likely @Prashant_Divedi, PM him and he can explain further.


true this controller does not know what he is doing

It wasn’t Prashant as far as I know

Please do explain what you mean by that. Where you there and can therefore make an assessment of exactly what happened? @Alex_Lopresti


Jordanian is controlling at OLBA. This happened at HEAZ.

Whoops, this really isnt my day. @Declan_O is controlling APP at HEAZ right now.

It was Expert

Lol how can u do that on INF

PM the controller on IFC. @Declan_O is controlling there now so it was most likely him.

After the flight that is😅… Often times as a pilot you may not understand but I can assure you all expert controllers are trained and tested. Moreover, if you are ghosted and it wasn’t your fault, it will be removed. Though do try and understand what you did wrong as that’s more likely…

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I was the controller that issued you a ghosting warning. I’ll reach out you and explain the reason after I finish controlling.

Appreciate you reaching out to clarify. :)