Have any of you ever flown on any liveries that are in IF?

The topic name speaks for itself. There are a plethora of liveries in IF, and I was wondering if anyone here has flown on any of the ones in game. I’ve flown on Illinois One, which has been retired unfortunately…

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Yes, I flew the United 777-200ER SFO-NZAA in real life, and it had the same aircraft registration as the one in IF. I didn’t realize this until a few months ago lol, I went on that flight 3 years ago

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I have flown on the following if you don’t require the exact same registrations:
Lufthansa A320 (new and old livery)
Lufthansa CityLine CRJ900 (old and new livery)
Lufthansa A319
EasyJet A320/19 (new livery, but not sure which one anymore)
TUI B737 (Blue and Yellow Livery)
Iberia A321
Austrian A321
airBaltic A220-300
Eurowings A320
Eurowings A319
TAP A320
TAP A319 (do we have that one?)

I think that’s it, luckily we have basically every livery I have flown on besides Lufthansa A321, Air Dolomiti E195, Austrian E195 and F100, A320/19 and Iberia A320/319

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Flown on

China Southern A330-300
Cathay Pacific A330-300
Virgin Australia 737-800
JetStar A320-200
Dragonair A321-200
Air China A319-100
Qantas 737-800
Singapore A330-300 (Now Retired)
Air New Zealand A320-200
Finnair A350-900
Eva Air A321-200
Flown on Finnair to Helsinki from Hong Kong for Holiday in Helsinki.

Chongqing A320-200
Xiamen 737-800
China Southern A320-200
China Eastern 737-800
JetStar A321-200
Alliance E190
Cathay Pacific A350-1000
Air China 737-800
Air China 737-300 (Historic)
Shandong 737-800
China Eastern A320-200
Sichuan Airlines A350-900
Malindo 737-800
Hainan 787-9 (Business Class SZX - BRU)
HK express Airbus A320-200neo

(yes I flew a lot when I was like 8-12 years old and there is more but not right now)


My List:

Lufthansa A380
Lufthansa A319
Lufthansa A320
Singapore A380
Emirates A380
Cebu Pacific A319
SilkAir A319
Lufthansa B747-400 (Since i was like 6-9 years old)
Philippine Airlines B747-400 (since i was like 6-9 years old)

For non-IF,

Lufthansa A321
Cebu Pacific A320
SilkAir A320
SilkAir B737-8
Philippine Airlines A320
Philippine Airlines A321

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American Airlines 737-800 KSAN-KDFW
American Airlines A321-200 KSAN-KDFW
American Airlines 737-800 KPSP-KDFW
American Airlines A321-200 KONT-KDFW
American Airlines 737-800 KDFW-KDTW
American Eagle CRJ-700 KIND-ORD
American Airlines 737-800 KORD-KPSP

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Flown on:
United 737-900ER
United 737-800
United A320
United 757-200
American A320
American 737-800
American 757-200
jetBlue A320
jetBlue E-190
Alaska A320
Alaska 737-800
Spirit A320
KLM 787-9
KLM 737-700
Ryanair 737-800
Delta 717-200
Delta 767-300

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Southwest Canyon blue -700
Southwest Heart 700/800
Frontier A318/A319
AirTran 717
AirTran 737
Cessna 172

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Lots of American


Is your neck okay?


I’ve got a few:

Alaska 737-800/900

Delta 737-800/900

Alaska Dash 8

United 737-800

United A319 (IF has the A320 so it’s basically the same thing)

Civil Air Patrol C172

Delta 717

American A319 (IF has AA A320)

American E175 (we’ll probably have soon)

I was going to fly a Delta 757-200 to Anchorage but the activity I was going to suddenly required a ton of ridiculous covid stuff that I’m not able to do, so I couldn’t go 😭

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I feel like a lot of people in these replies don’t realize that this post isn’t about what liveries you have flown on that are in IF, but liveries that have the exact same same registration as the livery in IF.

Yes, but I suffered a concussion after that hard landing cuz I didnt pay an extra 55 dollars for that soft landing fee

Obviously a joke

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I’ve only flown once and enjoyed it with Spirit Airlines.

Oh wait @N908QD is that supposed to be what it is?

Yeah I meant registration, but these answers work also. :)

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Yes, I’ve flown with flybes Q400-8, miss them dearly!

Yes sir! American is the only airline I’ve flown on in my life

Only delta, United, American, and Iceland air

Took da Queen on a flight from Mexico to Amsterdam or backwards, don’t remember

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