Have any of you been in a simulator and done a flight?

I wish I have 😆

I’m a simulator instructor for a 737-800 simulator, does that count?;)

(This is the sim, pics taken by me)


You are? I was going to do it but I saw the price tag of $200!


737 at SIMTECH Dublin and another one at Dublin Airport and an A380 at the Emirates experience in London.

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This one is funny. So in Florida, there was this place called Wannado City where kids can do what they want to do. Every South Floridian born before 2005 knows what Wannado City is.

Spirit Airlines actually had cut one of their Airbus A319 Cut in half and retrofitted simulators in the cockpit. They called it Spirit Flight Academy. Granted, I was 7 when I went there and I knew nothing about airplanes. They had started us on KFLL and do a short flight to KPBI.

I did however takeoff with over speed and eventually crashed into the water.

Wannado City closed permanently closed in 2011.


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737 here in Melbourne Australia. The flight I chose was a snowy flight from La Guardia to JFK.

A while ago now…before my facial hair 😂

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Damn lucky you! at my birthday i want to go in a b737-800 simulator so bad!

I’m pretty sure it was. I was planning on it, too, but I saw the price and it wasn’t cheap. They could have lowered, but when I went it was $200. It looked like an amazing 737-200 sim!

MaxSez: I flew a simulator once or twice. a “Link Trainer”! Not real fun.

Delta simulators at the HQ.

Been in a 737 sim in Sywell Aerodrome (EGBK), Northamptonshire. Only did EGLL-EGKK, good fun :)

Every year in the "sweat box " :(

There is a 737 -800 sim here in a mall in kuwait. Haven’t gone there tho

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